If you're still reading my blog, i applause to you and those who actually try to
read my lousy blog post. Maybe it only go through one or two post from you,
but thanks anyway for taking ur time to waste on me.

Anyway, emo nemo me decided to write up a hopeless romantic blogpost
right now instead on focusing what is happening right now.
Tbh, these days i'm quite depressed. But I'm fine. Don't worry.
Still eat well, still walk, still alive. I watched the recent film Peninsular
and I feel like I low key relatable to the leftover zombies in the movie.

There is so many things on my head now that I couldn't describe it,
also part of me feel like a walking dead. But anyway not the point here.

I come across smtg cute today.
If you would ever want to confess to your crush..

Choose today because your love will forever be 24/7.
If forever exist.

Get it?? :)



Life in Singapore Phase 2

Hi life update Phase 2. This is literally half freedom after 3 months of staying in.
Then right now it's all about the daily mask. Made this GIF so everyone can
actually relate to me. 


Online Shopaholic

I don't know if the title of this post sort of related to you because
I'm an Online Shopaholic now.


Till then, nightly night.

Another midnight draft going on my head when the clock strike midnight.
Some might be sleeping soundly by now, or staying up for
something that worth their time. Something to keep their life going.
Not sure if I’m over feeling these days but my head are full of emotions
that I just wanted to write it down rather keeping it in my head.


Kiyomizu-dera, Kyoto

Since 2020 already been canceled,
I decided to throwback my happy trip back in 2019 May.
Super random, super short one. Please do not expect high quality post hahah!

Wore Kimono for the very first time Kiyomizu Temple!

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