December 17

Month of December

It does feels good to be happier.
It's my favourite month of the year. 
More like each and every other year.

I feel like I've been lighter.
Not my weight, but my tiny heart.

I've been struggling with countless problem
that I don't even understand why.

Now.. that I've already let go,
I felt much better.

Okay thanks for reading my crap.

To the one who make me smile,
Thank you for doing so :)


I smiled

When was the last time you're genuinely smiling?

Did you know mine?..




It was when I'm with you.
Always have been you.
Even in my dream this morning..
You're there.. again.


Go on a date

Go on a date they say..

Why are you so picky?
Why aren't you dating anyone?
Why aren't you giving him a chance?
Why are you here?
Why are you there?


One Day in Tokyo ( Itinerary + Photo Diary )

So during my trip to Tokyo last August, it was so quick and nostalgic,
I decided to blog a short itinerary of what you can do for one day in Tokyo.



These days, I felt like things got moving pretty slow around me..
It's like everything has stopped moving, and it's waiting..
waiting for something I'm not sure if I was looking forward to..

So yea.. don't keep me waiting for too long.
I felt really tired.

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