my lame day..T.T

y i call it a lame day..
coz its holiday..
nth to do..
juz eat,sleep ndrink n do nth..
luckily today no tuition..
coz teacher "balik kampung"..
stay home..
sien ar sien..
but today i bought a hamster..
a "roboski" type..
cute giler><
but i scare her "gigit" me><
its a female..
name her..KIKO,.
luv it..^^
scare she get pregnant ..
bcoz home still gt another hamster name..SUPERMAN..
haiz..veli sien anyway..
thinkin shud i go to swim or not..
i nid a sponge to swim very bad TT
i nid SPONGE..
sien sien sien..
nid earn money to buy manythin..
such as.. clothes?
bag?? n more><
hope money come to me soon..

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