the day i went thru~ hahaha..

eh..my drawing^^
hi everybody~ i post back again..^^

tis time is all the day i went thru~hahaha..

eh..tis is one of my room..^^

haha..i luv it..ok
lets continue..tis time many photo..^^


ohoh! tis 1 take on last sunday~

me go pasar malam wit..eh..aaron & habibi lol..

then meet dou another gang then lepak~

^^haha..the chicken damm spicy coz when aaron buy he told the girl "eh..banyak banyak sikit arr itu serbuk chili!"i was like..++" swt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol..tata day i eat dou ml lips was on FIRE ...==

thx to aaron..lol!

but the rojak was tasty..

haha..i still rmbr..only RM4.50 the big 1!!!haha~

& the blue spec is ah chow geh~ gt holes 1..haha..

but i lik it..^^

ah ha~ tis is me on the day go weng hse..

tat day fun lo..

12.30am only goback home^^

haha..9 wong yeh festival damm alot ppl..

late night much more ppl...oh ya..

i rmbr i lucky draw dou a rose~
ok...t gonna post again soon..
tis the dog i saw at pet shop today~
my frenz buy jor hamster..
use jor..RM155 luu~
so expensive~plus mai the cage la..shampoo la..tis la tat la..
oh ya..i change new song luu~ hope everyone lik..
coz i lik tis song^^
~bye again~

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