teddy wonderland~

change jor new layout today~
hell ya is today..
chg jor everything had gone..
serf net till my shoulder is hurt..T^T
sobb sobb..
ah ha~ the topic today..TEDDY WONDERLAND ..
But i wish no one gonna giv me another teddy bear..coz..
i only need 1..
continue the topic..
i want to go teddy bear wonderland ..><
i noe korea gt 1 teddy bear museum..
i wan to go so bad..'
i wan go lah..
ish..dunno when can go..
can only dreaming..
sobb sobb..
ahhh..my SPM haven end and i still so relax..
gonna die soon..
on my god..
even god cant help me..
so lame..
ahhh...the picture tat gt me & my teddy..
is new der!!!!!!!!!!! ><

today put jor new song~
enjoy everyone~ ^^ bubye~~


spm..sucks gua??

ishh.....spm spm spm..
driving me nuts..
forget it..
nid gambate 4 next week math test..
duno wat to do..
hope can pass..
today lepak at shin yee hse..
n raining..
and the game we play at NDS scare dou ourself..haha..
plus gt QI HUI n the silly Ian.TAT IS VERY WEIRD..
lol..n i play WII..so fun..
the game cooking mama..
say im better than her..

the end


my voodoo!!

shit shit shit!!
my voodoo..
lost jor..
yesterday..juz bought it ystdy.. T.T
so damm sad..it cost me 9.45 bucks..
sobb sobb..
i still saw it today..
whr r u?
come bak to mummy..
hate it..><
some1 give me a new 1 ba!!!!!!!!!!!
spm coming..
nid study hard..
n my "kai gor" call me go see meteor rain..
itwas on 18 of nov..
by 11pm..
i say..
i sure is slping tat time..
coz 19 will be the english test..
plz hope i will score well for my spm ba!

aza aza fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the end..


wat the F happening?

this is all so sucks.. wat happened to u?
i tot u very mature in choosing decision..
ya u are at last right,..
y u wanna bother ppl relationship so much/
y do u care so much tuill ur self wanna get nuts?
whr is the 1 i had noe u since i was young?
nt i had change..
is u had change so much..
is ok if i get hurt..
u think i will be so silly get wat?
no nid care those stuff!

just lik tat time..
say wat nonsense i leave u all 4 the guy?
so shit man!
wat had u think?
y u wanna ask all ur fren for ur "sis" problem things?
u dun even care mmy feeling
& u spread it out to everyone!
how wud they noe me?
u the 1 tat rather thrust other pp tahn me!
u are no longer care my feeling..
u lik say him i dun care..
dun think tat im tat kind of girl will get crazy 4 a guY!

u are thinking so much nonsense!
y cant u just leave it?
u still gtr me always!
try think back!
i nvr had dump u b4..
n i always so respect u till u wan me to choose tio write back to u
thru the blog nw..
i duno wat yu thinkin..
ya ur post i edi read..
dun took me as same as ur two fren..
im much more different from them!
so u say wat i will stole ur fren away?
i never stole..
i dint even choose them to be with me..
is their choice 4 who they wanna choose..
u understand me?
i dint take anything away from u!
me is still me!
i dint change & nw im bravely to tell u!
u wan ur relationship end lik tis izzit?
is ur choice then..
i nvr wanted to leave u..
but if u wanna choose tis way..
is ur decision..
i cant control wat u wan..
and wat bloodyful of sweet talks?
u think im reli obsessed wit him?
this is so wrong..
u think u noe me much?
never had been much..
u thionk im happy with my life?
im having a fake smile every single day since my parents divorce!
i noe u dunno my parent had divorce..
i gt so much problem in my life tat u dunno n no nid u to care actually..
so cant u just stop tis nonsense & v get back good sister?
i dun wanna saw u cry after u readed wat i had write..

u dun wanna bother me anymore..
then fine..
i gt ntg to say..
do wat ever u wan..
i duno why so much trouble comin to me by day to day..

wish u have ur own happy life without me..

bye then...haih


i wanna curse u!

i wanna curse u till u die!!
tis asshole stole my grandmother money!
jus die la u tis ass hole!!!
stole an old lady money!!
i hate u!! n u shud die faster b4 i saw u!!!
u will be sure to be at hell!!
good luck on ur way to hell..
my grandmother was too gud..
u better hide ur face into the toilet bowl!!!!
and die!!! im goin to flush u to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im crazy edi...==#


shut up & scram~

the me is back~

shut up & scram~

a word for ian who kacau me write my blog~



spm comin..stress!!!!

bt duno why i dint care much..o.o



me last week go my fren hse..

i gt invited to eat curry~


let me show u all the pic i take~

this is "misha & sook yen"~

then.down 1..is me & misha~

and~~~ tis is me & sook yen~

and..down 1 is me & noisy ian..LOL..

and..tis my fav picha between all of it!!! >then..im gonna post the history of me & my little brother~~

haha...so lame..

end posting~


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