wat the F happening?

this is all so sucks.. wat happened to u?
i tot u very mature in choosing decision..
ya u are at last right,..
y u wanna bother ppl relationship so much/
y do u care so much tuill ur self wanna get nuts?
whr is the 1 i had noe u since i was young?
nt i had change..
is u had change so much..
is ok if i get hurt..
u think i will be so silly get wat?
no nid care those stuff!

just lik tat time..
say wat nonsense i leave u all 4 the guy?
so shit man!
wat had u think?
y u wanna ask all ur fren for ur "sis" problem things?
u dun even care mmy feeling
& u spread it out to everyone!
how wud they noe me?
u the 1 tat rather thrust other pp tahn me!
u are no longer care my feeling..
u lik say him i dun care..
dun think tat im tat kind of girl will get crazy 4 a guY!

u are thinking so much nonsense!
y cant u just leave it?
u still gtr me always!
try think back!
i nvr had dump u b4..
n i always so respect u till u wan me to choose tio write back to u
thru the blog nw..
i duno wat yu thinkin..
ya ur post i edi read..
dun took me as same as ur two fren..
im much more different from them!
so u say wat i will stole ur fren away?
i never stole..
i dint even choose them to be with me..
is their choice 4 who they wanna choose..
u understand me?
i dint take anything away from u!
me is still me!
i dint change & nw im bravely to tell u!
u wan ur relationship end lik tis izzit?
is ur choice then..
i nvr wanted to leave u..
but if u wanna choose tis way..
is ur decision..
i cant control wat u wan..
and wat bloodyful of sweet talks?
u think im reli obsessed wit him?
this is so wrong..
u think u noe me much?
never had been much..
u thionk im happy with my life?
im having a fake smile every single day since my parents divorce!
i noe u dunno my parent had divorce..
i gt so much problem in my life tat u dunno n no nid u to care actually..
so cant u just stop tis nonsense & v get back good sister?
i dun wanna saw u cry after u readed wat i had write..

u dun wanna bother me anymore..
then fine..
i gt ntg to say..
do wat ever u wan..
i duno why so much trouble comin to me by day to day..

wish u have ur own happy life without me..

bye then...haih

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  1. Xiao~ I wont let joo suffer alone. *hugs*

    Internetz ar serious business.


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