working working~

yaa..im working n working..
seems lik dunno wat the crap i buy tilll now so POOR jpr nea..


last sunday..
workin wit boss wife..
damm stress..

all nid do fast fast..>< scare get scold loh........ yam gong dou sei..
luckily at last ntg happened lohhhhhh...
my break time mase me wait soooooooooooooooo long larrr..

yam gong TT so sad.. very late oly eat.. cham.

TT' nowdays go out wet toomuch.. my mum bla bla me..
TT suan liao.. im jus hanging out to bcome the audience..
my fren confession...
hahaha.. at bukit langat last night...
so damm coldddddddddddd...

kla.. lazy write much..
show har my new spec..^^

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