my first record ever! (random post)

i drink jor (CARLSBERG)..
haha.. spelling correct jor tim..
i drink it full in ONE SHOT..hohoho~


i lazy post more..
gona go home..haha..
nite babe


happy bday to two of my fren~~

hapy happy bday!!!
to my good buddy (habibi)..
and hell yea..
we now celebrating it at BLACK & WHITE cafe lol~
wat a happy nitez..
and im online using my gor gor laptop..
ya..aaron the dude..
and hell ya tmrw my besto babe!!!!!!!!
her birthday~
wishing her happy forever n i luv u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cant upload photo since is not my laptpop..
ok i gonna have fun..
see ya everybody~
good nitezz..

*why got an ice fal on my leg?? ==+


imy phone..TT

OGGERjust gt it bak this early..
super early..
n knew tat i left my phone inside the cold storage..
the big fridge..==
the workers say..
my phone is in all wet..
luckilt my phone still working gud..
sry 4 putting u into the fridge><

last night i 4 smtg only slp..
goin crazy watch 原来是美男啊..
korean drama..
nw only i start watching..
the PPS stuff reli driving me mad..
coz all in CHINESE..
i dunno chinese der leh..
but a bit..
but very nice loh tis drama..
make me keep laughing..haha

then today morning..
i msn wit candice n my hot babe..
haha..luv her..
i keep press the fat lady laughing whn msn her..
very fun loh..
i keep laughing>< hahak!

i show her the picha i edit her..
hope she luv it..o.o

haha..em lazy post more..
will be blogging more..

i gonna resign..TT

ya..gonna resign..
beh tahan my tauke wife..
my handphone..
left at bakery..
deng mou?
i come bak from home n cry..
my mum say..
work dou not happy..
then stop..
i decidedto say it tmrw..
(im gonna resign)
i hate her..
i nid no wrong n she shouted lik hell..
im bored workin wit her..
just lik earlier..
the convesation is..

her : how much is this two slice of cake?(she trying to test me wit those price)

me : ah? oh..is 10.50 lol

her : no

me : huh? ngam ar! (means is right)

her : nonono!

me : (getting blur n bit mad) is true!

her :no!

me : (wtf) then i say very loud tis>> classic moist is 5.5o and cuppocino slice is 5bucks..
all equal 1050..not ar?!

her : u tell me the brownies is how much>

me : (wtf) i say>> whr gt brownies?

her: she repeat the question again..

me: (sigh...) is 10.50..

her: ya tats right lah!

so i was lik..
wat the F*ck?!
damm u lah..
i edi suffer alot work wit u..
another FAKER in tis world..

i hate faker..

are they too bored of their life?

wnna get F*ck?go find others!

dun bother me!

i hate ppl who act lik they care me!

and actually they are just acting!
i haTe them!
go die lah fakers!

-i actually gt many fun thing to blog 1..
now i macam x der mood wanna say more..

those i shall say again when i blog tmrw..

4got to say..
my 1st time edit picha><
show u all one picha sin..
is me wearing pajamas..
wit the new novel i bought at the BORDERS..


boleh tahan gua?

cham..almost 1am jor..

im sleeping late again..

ron sure gonna bla bla me next time><>


its..4.35a.m now

i cant fall asleep..
feeling crazy..
dunno wat happen..
am i drinking too much chinese tea earlier?
i stop my mind from thinking so much..
n try to sleep..
i on my phone to hear song..
and suddenly come out the song..
stay with me by evan yo..TwT
it remind me of my honey..
miss him so much..
i hear he sing to me tis song everytime b4 i sleep..

sobb sobb..
i miss u very much...

my stomach gonna blow~

i just got back...
having a supper..
from whr?
kucai lama errrrrrr><
so far...
bcoz of the stupid promotion..==
i had been cheated to thr wit the staff i work wit..
4ladies to th party~
the restaurant name is..(HOT POT BONE ESSENCE)
Im sure gonna rmbr ya..==
n wanna say bad u tis shop er!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
at first it was lik very d cool lol..
v still order the broth..
half is tomyam..nice><
then another half is black pepper pork soup~
not very lik it..
im atracted to go here bcoz of the cheesey fish ball..
is the cheese inside the fishball..o.o
long live the cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bt guess wat..
one plate of tis..
only contain 4..==
and cost?
guess wat..
im eating a cheesey fishball which cost me..
ya..expensive bt worth it..
i too in love with cheese...
the crab ball also not bad..
everything nice..
even the tomyam broth nw make back my throat..
== WTF...
my troat pain back jor...
it just get well today..
at night bcome lik tis back jor..TT

nw wats the bad stuff..
they lie us er!!!!!!!!!!!
they say is 13.80 per people..
it costed 22bucks 4 us each..
ask them loh><
noob restaurant!!!

noob broth cost 12bucks..
walao eh..
still say one package..
nw count more to the bill..
ok loh..
pay mai pay loh..
the worst part is the customer service!
i rmbr tat FAT ASS lady!!
my fren call me rmbr to write down bout her..
rmbr who go tis restaurant..
she had a BUTTERFLY TATTOO at her hand..
she so LC!!!!!!!!!!
damm her><
so i promise~
im not going back to this noob place anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!
to those who wanna go..
i tell u..
u will super regret go tis place==+

my bf...
i went to tis place n i think of him..
bcoz he live at tis area..
earlier..he called me..
he wan me to visit him at ns camp..
but i cant go..
i nid work by sunday..
no holiday 4 me ahh..TwT
sorry arr hubby....
dun sad er..
i visit u soon..
sorry ar><



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