i gonna resign..TT

ya..gonna resign..
beh tahan my tauke wife..
my handphone..
left at bakery..
deng mou?
i come bak from home n cry..
my mum say..
work dou not happy..
then stop..
i decidedto say it tmrw..
(im gonna resign)
i hate her..
i nid no wrong n she shouted lik hell..
im bored workin wit her..
just lik earlier..
the convesation is..

her : how much is this two slice of cake?(she trying to test me wit those price)

me : ah? oh..is 10.50 lol

her : no

me : huh? ngam ar! (means is right)

her : nonono!

me : (getting blur n bit mad) is true!

her :no!

me : (wtf) then i say very loud tis>> classic moist is 5.5o and cuppocino slice is 5bucks..
all equal 1050..not ar?!

her : u tell me the brownies is how much>

me : (wtf) i say>> whr gt brownies?

her: she repeat the question again..

me: (sigh...) is 10.50..

her: ya tats right lah!

so i was lik..
wat the F*ck?!
damm u lah..
i edi suffer alot work wit u..
another FAKER in tis world..

i hate faker..

are they too bored of their life?

wnna get F*ck?go find others!

dun bother me!

i hate ppl who act lik they care me!

and actually they are just acting!
i haTe them!
go die lah fakers!

-i actually gt many fun thing to blog 1..
now i macam x der mood wanna say more..

those i shall say again when i blog tmrw..

4got to say..
my 1st time edit picha><
show u all one picha sin..
is me wearing pajamas..
wit the new novel i bought at the BORDERS..


boleh tahan gua?

cham..almost 1am jor..

im sleeping late again..

ron sure gonna bla bla me next time><>

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