i am not HAPPY!!!

my phone drop into the toilet bowl...
i pick it up..
with my bare hand...
lucily lah..
the last person go toilet dint shit..
if not...
i reli sooo Piss OFF!
my phone i picked up d cover and the phone..
and the battery had swam away~~
far far far away frm the ocean..TT

i wanna pee u also no nid follow me der mah...
my phone now is..

tis are my current phone...
wait my salary out next month..TT
im going to buy LG LOLLIPOP liao..
the blue one..*sobb sobb*

or lollipop 2 is better??
bt dunno malaysia gt edi or not?
plz tell me..

or this better??
i dunno lah..
no mood now...
log off luu...(-.-)

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