my first FULL-TIME job..

holy shit..
its damm tiring today..
im gonna post shortly..
ntg special bout my job..
as a waitress..
im learning so much thg today..
at first..
im thinkin to write bout hw sucks my job..
bt nw think bout it..
is not..
every human nid to learn hw to do best in every part of their job..
and so do mine..
the sucks part bout my tis job is...
at thr...
DIGI damm no line...
dunno shud i say fxxx it or nt..

today i learned hw to open beer cover..
i am..just a learner..
or hw to say??
a starter...

today is kinda tiring..mayb is call ytdy liao..
coz nw is 2 APRIL edi...ok i reli learn alot except my CHINESE is reli reli SUCKS? ya..
its damm true...and im damm smelly today..bt thinkin bout it in a positive way...i am BURING MY CALORIES...
i duno izzit a gud thg? im having a super duple geng geh gastric...
till nw.. later i gotta eat pill..and mayb nt if i forgot...
oh..gosh..ah....i rmbr tis part... a weird dude ask wat my name...
guess wat i say? my name ar? (i almost told him my real name)
thn i say...*my name is COOKIE...neh...tat piece of snacks..
and i walk away...
so why har? so much ppl lik SMOKING 1?
a fren tat i had noe so long..nw i noe he gt smoking...omg...
hmmm...wat to write more?
oh ya..
a customer step ON A (COCKROACH)..do u get me? is a COCKROACH..
its reli sucks he did it in front of me..
maybe he tot HERO save BEAUTY tats kind of movie scene..
to me it was....YUCKS..
i dun scare cockroach anymore..
bt it doesnt mean i will step on them lik tat weirdo customer lol...

it was so DISGUSTING LOL..

jux nw..i had a nice chat wit my two best fren when i off job..

v are talking bout THE FUTURE...
it was soooooooo nice..
i had never been talk till tat long..
and its reli inspire me very much...

i love you two>.<

ok gotta stop..
i nid go sleep...tmrw work again..i mean later...T.T

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