my bla bla bla blog is back!

sry i only will repost long time once...
ngek ngek..
lazy write ..
let d picha show everything...

my double cheeseburger lunch set wit queen~~

jan bday tat time geh cake..hehehe..

d down one is..
baked Cheese rice in abalone wit pumpkin sauce..
eat at wongKOk chaR Chan Teng share wit ian geh..
tat time celebrate KamYin bday^^

my pepperlunch wit ron ron^^

damm delicious~

the longan split..

the japanese crepes>< high-tea food wit queen..

picha taken at AMcorp mall..haha..

haha..and tat day v even arrive late 4 class..

the gathering i had wit my old classmate at....

tsim thung~~

tats all for now...
got any question..
leave me a comment^^


new flora dress~~

got my new dress bought..very cheap..
camwhore for 3days 3 nights..haha..

me again..=o=

dress dress..

okla...lazy type more...i had a day out makan mushroom soup...bao bao till now...

tired lah wei..
plus alot assignment..

ann nyeong~~<3
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