all blame me..

everyone blame me bcoz i leave u..
had u ever tot tat u never reli cares me as much as u tot?
u break my heart so much time n u ask for chances?
i cant..
i gave u too many chances..
it break my heart many time..
many times...
it keep break n break..
never ever heal till i decided to leave..
leave u...
im big enough to take care of myself..
i wish u can let go of me..

and watch me from far n treat me as ur fren..

i never tot it could end so late..
bcoz i had been choose to leave u long time ago..
i need to get away...
u make me so emo..
make me cry..
make me sad..
of coz happy had happened..
it will be my memories..
and it end now..

i dun wanna let ppl control and let me scold..
let u bla bla bla me everytime..

All i need is cares..
u cant give me what i want...
yes u may see me..
but you cant be thr everytime i nid you..
and u never try ur best to cheer me up..
did u?
u did not..
not i choose to leave u..
is u make me leave u...

i wan freedom..
and throw away tis burden..
i wanna be happy without u...
can i?
every of my frenz could see hw much im happier than last time after i break wit u...

DUN say i lie u...
and is all fake..
who tat person cry in d middle of night
whn u at ns?

who tat person tat always miss u?
dun say is all lies...

lies are created by u...
u had swollen eye..
i had a even worst last time..
jux bcoz of u..

but i will forget all tis stuff..
im gonna live on..
and tats my time to FLY...

i got my fren to support anytime..
thx 4 all ur love and ur passion..

it had reli ends..

yeah..and i know i can fix it on my own...

dun ever do silly things to urself or cry for me..

find a better one..

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