gila me==

gila me..
just now write alot ..
then all lost edi..
gila blogspot...
i wrote alot neh..
coz ppl coplain i write too little..==lll
i reli very lazy to upload my blog...
but thx 4 d support naa~~
thank you very muchie~~

*very perasaan punya pic*
me hor...
ntg special happen to me nowdays...
today went to college paint..
my whole hand in red n green paint..
then skin also torn out edi== ish..
tat *thinna*(tak tau spelling)
den i use edi my skin very pain==
ish u...
my cake..
i sketch it and i paint it..
when it done edi i will upload and show u all..hehe..
it says *LICK ME*..
hahak XDDDD

talkin bout tis..
i also wanna say im hired by FILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
goin to start my job next week....^^

tat stupid MCKY..
they dun hire me..
they wan me work five days a week..sot der..
i am student leh..
whr gt ti much time o??
== hate u.. o0o...

ah haa~~
last week i wit my dear dear go pavilion..
he meet me after my coll end^^
happy sei...
v walk to sg.wang to meet tat Mango den v ditch him liao...XDDD (sry)
den den...
v walk to lot10..
went to ISETAN supermarket..
buy ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my favourite japanese ice cream~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
i very addicted to it...
den all the way vwalk to pv..
v capture alot picha together^^
happy sei~~ XD

i show har sin^^
summore tat day i wear my new lens>< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_JNuZNSlF1Bs/TFKdGIB7CAI/AAAAAAAAAio/2UsHe02oN9o/s1600/DSC06604.JPG">
me me me!!! picha take by (sayur)
my favourite picture of the month~~
his favourite~~

and the picture of me and queen~

she keep complain i dint upload yet..

naaa~~~ upload jor...

and someone..
itu nama shin..
see! i gt write out ur name aaaa~~~
be proud..
he a bad boy...
cz he nt important.

lazy write bout him..
ok im tired of blogging again..
tmrw go eat Baskin Robbins~~<3>
i HATE pink==
okie dokie~~
log off..

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