pucca addict is sooooooooo back to back~

i updated my blog today...
so miss my blog..*wink*

im a PUCCA ADDICT rite now...
im getting much busy edi..
and im still tat rocks,funny and crazy..hehe

i LOVE pucca..

hehehehe..HEY YOU!
i love PUCCA~

hehe..wat to write more??

i am much more happy without you..

and oh ya..
i bump back wit my kindergarden fren..^^
we watch liao 'DESPICABLE ME'...

those aliens damm funny..

tis girl damm funny..she pop her mouth..^^
and she ask "is this annoying? pop pop pu lop pop pop"..
haha...very d cute~~
i love her..

haha..d logo..
hehe...tats all for now..

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