day 05...my definition of love..

talkin bout tis..
i dun think i reli know bout tis..
i more care about FOOD and MONEY..
but love..
i can admit it..
im a child tat is lack of love..
yes i am..
i lack of family love..
grow in a lonely society..

and know i had all mya caring fren and a very protective bf..
he reli is..

so my definition of love in relationship is:...

1)i dun need HIM tat scold me if im not wrong
2)i dun need HIM to show me his bad mood
3)i dun nid HIM to care me when he dun appriciate me..
4)i dun wan HIM to lie at me
5)i dun nid somene tat is NOT LOYAL to me
6)cab be thr for each another when in problem..
7)someone tat can cheer me up when im not happy..
8)someone tat can protect me when im in danger..
9)is tat u have to care each other..
10)no SECRET between each other
11)always TRUST each another..
12)always discuss together for every problem tat occurs..
13)never say bad things bout each other at the back
14)never flirt wit oteher person or different gender..
15)always LOVE each other..^^

for my definition or love for family side:
never say tat born u out isnt wat i want..
i accidentally born u out..
if i got money last time..i already abort u!

ok tats the end of my long boring words..
oh ya..
i added the tiny little green annoying fluffy stuff at my blog..
it was reli kinda noisy..
but cute~~~~~~~~~~~~>< u can just ignore it!!hahahaXDD ok wish me luck for my exam.. i nid finish fast!! HOLIDAY im coming for u yaaaaaaaaaa><

ytdy i cry in public again..NOOB!!!!
i will be back to update again..

p/s:blogspot dunno wat happen..cant upload picha again..==



cant upload picture..

i NO MOOD write..
tmrw exam..
rushin my assignment..
wish me luck ppl!!!


no idea..

Hmph…I had been very lazy nowdays..
No mood whn came to assignment..
Thr are so much more tat I cud not finish..
Can I finish all by tis week??
I hope I could.. =(

Today was a blast..
I had an outing wit my aunt tat jux came back from singapore and my mum..
It feels lik I never had a family day so long time..
It was..kinda sweaty coz I out on afternoon..
And well..
Ya there are sorts of many kind of human to be seen,different races,and of coz..the fake products too~

Talkin bout tat western lady I saw today..
She was soooooooooooooo tall..
Shud I say she was kinda of…180++ tat tall??
She was soooooooooooooo freakin white and kinda thin..
I wonder did I shrink??
Or am I dwarf or smtg??
I jux feel tat I am reli kinda short..
Or mayb not..haha..
Since I am an asian..haha..RIGHT??
I tot coz normally asian also short and small and western ppl feels hard to buy shoesand clothes coz v dun reli hav their size..

Talkin bout fake brands..
Actually how many ppl cares wearing or bought fake designers stuff huh??
Ok im not saying im being supportive here..haha..
Imkinda addicted to designers clothes tooo..tee-hee..XDD

I was lk..
Mabe some ppl dun care..
As long they are happy so they bought it..
U dun reli need to buy soooo expensive jux to show off or mayb jux to show tat..erm..lik *I very proud..i wear designers clothes and sorts of*..
Yaa..tats kind of shit reli piss me off…
Luckily I dun have frens lik tat though..rite??
Ok close tis topic..
Oh ya..
I found out one dye hair product tat I found it was kind of..

Product from=JAPAN

It was kinda cool coz..
It was lik a bubble wash..
U wash lik tat and let ur hair lik tat for one hour and tats hw ur hair got its colour..
And I was lik…WOW-OH-WOW~

So cool ya noe??
Bt the price even cool..
Almost RM40 for u to bought one box of it..LOL..

One word..EXPENSIVE..==
Im not gonna buy it><
Haha..except I strike toto..
But mayb no..
Coz I jux bleach my hair recently..haha..did i?
Ya I did..XDD

Oh..i rmbr still gt one product f it I found out it was kinda cool…
wat hair alcohol or wat edi a??idk liao..hohoho..

Forget it..
Nowdays I was very very *gepoh*..XDD
I know a lot relationship issue…
I was so shock~
Duno wat happening around me..

So shock to know sooo many bad woman..
So many stupid guys work so hard 4 their wife and in behind..
Their wife had an affair behind them..
Woman ages 30-50++ tat kind are doin such shameful behavior..
U call urself as A-D-U-L-T-S??
I call u a W-H-O-R-E! OR B-I-T-C-H??
Oops..ami being rude??
Ugh-uhhhh..im not..^^
So wats up ?
Wat happen to the woman century??
I tot u cud be our idol..
Being a caring housewife..
OR maybe a succesful woman who leads..

But u are not..
Wat a crap when I know..

Some woman let other guys simply touch u since u edi got a husband..
What a shit u are..
Oh mayb not..
U are worse than shit..

Ok..im gonna stop is coz is not my issue and I happen to be sooooo CRAZY…hahahaa..
Mayb coz it happens to my relative..
And I cant stand tat woman..
She was absolutely soooooooooooooooooooo FAKE!!
I just cant stand fake ppl..
I hate’em!!

Ok im goin nuts..
Its 4am now and im tryin to write sooo much…
And my fren complain me at fb..
I say I go slp..
Then another 30mins later or one hour later I keep fb-ing..LOL..

Tats my freedom maa..tak boleh meh?

Forget it..
Time to say gudbye..^^ -log off-


heart attack?!

i wanna scream or maybe i wanna say i wanna bang the laptop to the ground or maybe
bite the line!!!!!!!!!!
so pek chek lah wei!(frustated)==
im angry..
havin heart attack..
bring lappie go online mana tau blogspot dun give i upload picture!!!
i very angry now..==
pek chek>< im drinking milk to make myself cool down..hehe.. opps.. gotta off.. nid rush in to my coll.. bye><


hyperactive day!

LOL ppl..

sry i had been soooooooooo late to write my blog..

coz im lazy..

and kinda no mood..

but ytdy i had an extreme night wit my dude and girls..

v all meet each other at *pm*..

then v meet at food court to lepak -ing..

v sit thr 4 many hours..

~laughing,biting,hugging,sweating,crazing, and more la~~

they talk alot porn..

and im the most INNOCENT of all..XDD


i sit until eleven smtg only back home..

on the way in the empty street...

v had a (piggy-back competition)


and rei slap my butt..==lll


i reli enjoy tis and my bii step on those cockroach which make me

SCREAM lik an idiot!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahhaa..

i actually waanna post some picture too..

but i 4got to bring out my usb cable..== DAMM!!

oh oh..

whats more..

and few days ago i had a photo shooting..

CONCLUSION;I AM FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


im goona diet..hohoho..

then ahh..

cont my DAY4..(what i ate today)


currently..today morning i had..peanut drink..

in chinese v call it *fa sang wu*..

and i get HYPERACTIVE after having tis..

and i ate porridge..

a very tasty one..

then today afternoon i skip my lunch~~


for diet purpose..^^

at night i cook dinner today..

and i had fried chicken+fish chips+vegie & rice..

and now i havin supper wit my fren..

drinkin hot milk at steven corner!!!

u ppl gotta luv milk coz is was SOOOOoooooOOOOOooooo HEALTHY!!!


and plz help me click *nuffang*..

u noe tat one tat is above my post..

plz help me click it 4 god sake!

i nid money and u will be doin a greet deed..

jux click only..thx!!

ok today post was kinda bored coz i feel bored also and kinda lazy..

i will be back wit more interesting post next time..

bubye~(LOG OFF)


starbucks-ing wit the humans!

wat shud i write??
im bored and damm lazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nw mii still at ts..
wit my boy and my gals..
idt was a...LAME DAnY..(shhhhhhahhhhhh)
and *bii* is peeking wat im typing and he keep giggle lik a.....(mad GUY)..

nw starbucks-ing wit them..
very 1st time siting at here for hours..


wan out walk walk..but..
i dun wan bump on some unhappy accidents..LOLS!

i gt some cool pics to share...XD

my hot chocolate nia~~
yum yum~

wan mei hiding from the camera again..LOL!

awww....the sweet couple^^

my soh lou ah biiiii~<3>

*my innocent looks*

*peace babe!*

and bout my 30days challenge..
shall i skip the days 2??
i dun feel like writting tat^^
so lets talk bout day 3..^^
bout parents rite??
haha..i more dun lik to talk bout it..

lets skip again..
plz look foward to my day 4 then..



my 30 days freak!

hehe..i found it interesting..
so y not play it>>

Day 01 – Introduce yourself.
Day 02 – Your first love.
Day 03 – Your parents.
Day 04 – What you ate today.
Day 05 – Your definition of love.
Day 06 – Your day.
Day 07 – Your best friend.
Day 08 – A moment.
Day 09 – Your beliefs.
Day 10 – What you wore today.
Day 11 – Your siblings.
Day 12 – What’s in your bag.
Day 13 – This week.
Day 14 – What you wore today.
Day 15 – Your dreams.
Day 16 – Your first kiss.
Day 17 – Your favorite memory.
Day 18 – Your favorite birthday.
Day 19 – Something you regret.
Day 20 – This month.
Day 21 – Another moment.
Day 22 – Something that upsets you.
Day 23 – Something that makes you feel better.
Day 24 – Something that makes you cry.
Day 25 – A first.
Day 26 – Your fears.
Day 27 – Your favorite place.
Day 28 – Something that you miss.
Day 29 – Your aspirations.
Day 30 – One last moment.

shud i start write now??
full name=tong sim lu
nickname=cookie monster/simlu/ah lu/banyak lagi..
age=18..hohoho..muda lagi~XD
d.o.b=26 dec 1992
hp nbr=oit apa ini..haha..tak ade hp..0123456789..try call..XDD
height=162cm..tall liao~

=food= ice cream!!!!!!!!!!/cheese~~~~~~~~~~/korean food!!!
=drinks= fruit juice
=style= boylish/plus abit cute naaa>< weeeeeeeee~~
=stuff= my teddy bear
=idol= tvxQ/2pm/t-ara
=word= lol/mcb/zha dou..XD
=colour= BLUE colour..
=fren= banyak giler..(TIPU SHJ~~)

=ppl ask 4 intro
=lcly ppl
=fake woman
=lala mui
=no monet..TT
=no techno
=no credit..TT
=haiz..banyak lagi..
i lazy write~

currently study at pj..
history..22 YEARS oledi~~
subject taken...GRAPHIC DESIGN..><

then ahhhhhhhhhhhh...
plz look forward to days 2..LOL


haha..today cont the pizza post..
sry nw only post back..
lazy laa..

tis..the restaurant area..nice hor..

ah queen happy face..
she is hiding again..

ahhhhh...my japanese ice cream..><
not vert nice..
tat stupid promoter tell me it was nice..
but it wasnt~~><
Rm5.90 jiek><

tadaa~~~~~~~~ my failure..TT
first time cook instant pasta..TT


ok next..
food again..
food taken at snowflakes~
not bad nia~
but ntg special lol...
then..the newest thg happan to me is..
haha..food again..

tis...rex punya food..she is not inside the pic coz she whn to print picha tat time..
v hate tat MODERN shop edi..

thn v take sum picha..=.=
look silly hor><

at last..
my solo pic..
look noob noob der..
ytdy..PM class end early..
colouring GEESO 4 my painting..

last nite smtg very cute happened...
i think gt ppl noe loh..
coz i gt post on FB..
and my fren say my drawing *tak halal*..

and today..
i went to coll rushin my assignment..
v are doin the magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he v could make out an interesting mag..
im looking fowards to it..
tmrw i go TS..
dunno who i will so unlucky if they saw me..
haha..jk jk..
ok i will be rushin my acrylic painting..
if i cantik then only i post...
tata 4 now...
ahh ppl...rmbr help me click NUFFANG..
i nid money..hehe..thx!!!


i win her everything...


had a happy day go college...

wearing the lens in "Taman Jaya" toilet...


had a happy starting...

but then it rains...

then soon having HIstory of art class makes me almost fall asleep==

Then soon,me ,wan mei and queen is writing 4 some notes to post at my fren assignment...

i rmbr i ask my fren..

can i write...??

"i farted in the class....Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......><"


then my fren zadao...

then luckily today pm class canceled...

me went to biiiii hse^^

today pll keep staring at me...i feel sooooo DAMM weird let ppl stare lik tat+O+


i rmbr the most interesting part of all..

Biii show me smtg...

a fren of his(female) geh blog...

i was lik??? WTF???

idk wat she wan...

all she writes were all shits...lol..

mana ada ppl lik tat o?

she wrote she love my boy and she will waits 4 him forever..

then summore soooo much shit laaaa.

i lazyrepeat one...

my fren told me jangan gaduh dengan dia...

i was like...?
she juz 17...i dun mess wit little girls lol..

she wan play let her play..

as long i knows that i wins her in everything^^

(macam over confidence pulak)hahaha..XDDD

i wan show u all bout her blog address..

but then ..


i scare manythg later..

lol...forget it...

lets talk some happy thgs..

i juz eat cheese pasta cooked by IAN..

thank you very much...^^

and i drink plum juice made by jan^^

sedappppppppppp giler..

nowdays i keep spam my inbox wit my biii and jan...hohoho...XDDDD

ok..i need faster finish blogging my stuff.

last tuesday i eat PIZZA hut wit queen ans wan mei..

and then ...too be continue...XD..


chair disaster~~

today will be a fast post..
quick and short as possible..
as i am very very busy..
firstly apa chair disaster..
my assignment..
teruk giler~~ish ish..
show u ppl d gambar loh..
den i lazy cakap banyak macam biasa~~XD

try guess which one is mine...
haha..tps is..RED...
i noe my language very weird nowdays..
follow sayur too much loh...
jahat kau~~ijk ...XDDDDD

and arrr..
show u all some human face...XDD

my senior..
haha..pandai hor me?
i can hide ur face...

then ..tis i call him ...*fei tan tan king kong*....
ini vyqueen again..
happy la~~always muncul kat blog aku..==lll

in best sister aku..
wan mei lol~~
she very popular at fb loh....
then nth more la...
tis wat i call as my quick and short blog!!!!
bye bye~~
hehehe... u dun laugh me ah...=o= ish!
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