day 05...my definition of love..

talkin bout tis..
i dun think i reli know bout tis..
i more care about FOOD and MONEY..
but love..
i can admit it..
im a child tat is lack of love..
yes i am..
i lack of family love..
grow in a lonely society..

and know i had all mya caring fren and a very protective bf..
he reli is..

so my definition of love in relationship is:...

1)i dun need HIM tat scold me if im not wrong
2)i dun need HIM to show me his bad mood
3)i dun nid HIM to care me when he dun appriciate me..
4)i dun wan HIM to lie at me
5)i dun nid somene tat is NOT LOYAL to me
6)cab be thr for each another when in problem..
7)someone tat can cheer me up when im not happy..
8)someone tat can protect me when im in danger..
9)is tat u have to care each other..
10)no SECRET between each other
11)always TRUST each another..
12)always discuss together for every problem tat occurs..
13)never say bad things bout each other at the back
14)never flirt wit oteher person or different gender..
15)always LOVE each other..^^

for my definition or love for family side:
never say tat born u out isnt wat i want..
i accidentally born u out..
if i got money last time..i already abort u!

ok tats the end of my long boring words..
oh ya..
i added the tiny little green annoying fluffy stuff at my blog..
it was reli kinda noisy..
but cute~~~~~~~~~~~~>< u can just ignore it!!hahahaXDD ok wish me luck for my exam.. i nid finish fast!! HOLIDAY im coming for u yaaaaaaaaaa><

ytdy i cry in public again..NOOB!!!!
i will be back to update again..

p/s:blogspot dunno wat happen..cant upload picha again..==

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