hyperactive day!

LOL ppl..

sry i had been soooooooooo late to write my blog..

coz im lazy..

and kinda no mood..

but ytdy i had an extreme night wit my dude and girls..

v all meet each other at *pm*..

then v meet at food court to lepak -ing..

v sit thr 4 many hours..

~laughing,biting,hugging,sweating,crazing, and more la~~

they talk alot porn..

and im the most INNOCENT of all..XDD


i sit until eleven smtg only back home..

on the way in the empty street...

v had a (piggy-back competition)


and rei slap my butt..==lll


i reli enjoy tis and my bii step on those cockroach which make me

SCREAM lik an idiot!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahhaa..

i actually waanna post some picture too..

but i 4got to bring out my usb cable..== DAMM!!

oh oh..

whats more..

and few days ago i had a photo shooting..

CONCLUSION;I AM FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


im goona diet..hohoho..

then ahh..

cont my DAY4..(what i ate today)


currently..today morning i had..peanut drink..

in chinese v call it *fa sang wu*..

and i get HYPERACTIVE after having tis..

and i ate porridge..

a very tasty one..

then today afternoon i skip my lunch~~


for diet purpose..^^

at night i cook dinner today..

and i had fried chicken+fish chips+vegie & rice..

and now i havin supper wit my fren..

drinkin hot milk at steven corner!!!

u ppl gotta luv milk coz is was SOOOOoooooOOOOOooooo HEALTHY!!!


and plz help me click *nuffang*..

u noe tat one tat is above my post..

plz help me click it 4 god sake!

i nid money and u will be doin a greet deed..

jux click only..thx!!

ok today post was kinda bored coz i feel bored also and kinda lazy..

i will be back wit more interesting post next time..

bubye~(LOG OFF)

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