i win her everything...


had a happy day go college...

wearing the lens in "Taman Jaya" toilet...


had a happy starting...

but then it rains...

then soon having HIstory of art class makes me almost fall asleep==

Then soon,me ,wan mei and queen is writing 4 some notes to post at my fren assignment...

i rmbr i ask my fren..

can i write...??

"i farted in the class....Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......><"


then my fren zadao...

then luckily today pm class canceled...

me went to biiiii hse^^

today pll keep staring at me...i feel sooooo DAMM weird let ppl stare lik tat+O+


i rmbr the most interesting part of all..

Biii show me smtg...

a fren of his(female) geh blog...

i was lik??? WTF???

idk wat she wan...

all she writes were all shits...lol..

mana ada ppl lik tat o?

she wrote she love my boy and she will waits 4 him forever..

then summore soooo much shit laaaa.

i lazyrepeat one...

my fren told me jangan gaduh dengan dia...

i was like...?
she juz 17...i dun mess wit little girls lol..

she wan play let her play..

as long i knows that i wins her in everything^^

(macam over confidence pulak)hahaha..XDDD

i wan show u all bout her blog address..

but then ..


i scare manythg later..

lol...forget it...

lets talk some happy thgs..

i juz eat cheese pasta cooked by IAN..

thank you very much...^^

and i drink plum juice made by jan^^

sedappppppppppp giler..

nowdays i keep spam my inbox wit my biii and jan...hohoho...XDDDD

ok..i need faster finish blogging my stuff.

last tuesday i eat PIZZA hut wit queen ans wan mei..

and then ...too be continue...XD..

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