no idea..

Hmph…I had been very lazy nowdays..
No mood whn came to assignment..
Thr are so much more tat I cud not finish..
Can I finish all by tis week??
I hope I could.. =(

Today was a blast..
I had an outing wit my aunt tat jux came back from singapore and my mum..
It feels lik I never had a family day so long time..
It was..kinda sweaty coz I out on afternoon..
And well..
Ya there are sorts of many kind of human to be seen,different races,and of coz..the fake products too~

Talkin bout tat western lady I saw today..
She was soooooooooooooo tall..
Shud I say she was kinda of…180++ tat tall??
She was soooooooooooooo freakin white and kinda thin..
I wonder did I shrink??
Or am I dwarf or smtg??
I jux feel tat I am reli kinda short..
Or mayb not..haha..
Since I am an asian..haha..RIGHT??
I tot coz normally asian also short and small and western ppl feels hard to buy shoesand clothes coz v dun reli hav their size..

Talkin bout fake brands..
Actually how many ppl cares wearing or bought fake designers stuff huh??
Ok im not saying im being supportive here..haha..
Imkinda addicted to designers clothes tooo..tee-hee..XDD

I was lk..
Mabe some ppl dun care..
As long they are happy so they bought it..
U dun reli need to buy soooo expensive jux to show off or mayb jux to show tat..erm..lik *I very proud..i wear designers clothes and sorts of*..
Yaa..tats kind of shit reli piss me off…
Luckily I dun have frens lik tat though..rite??
Ok close tis topic..
Oh ya..
I found out one dye hair product tat I found it was kind of..

Product from=JAPAN

It was kinda cool coz..
It was lik a bubble wash..
U wash lik tat and let ur hair lik tat for one hour and tats hw ur hair got its colour..
And I was lik…WOW-OH-WOW~

So cool ya noe??
Bt the price even cool..
Almost RM40 for u to bought one box of it..LOL..

One word..EXPENSIVE..==
Im not gonna buy it><
Haha..except I strike toto..
But mayb no..
Coz I jux bleach my hair recently..haha..did i?
Ya I did..XDD

Oh..i rmbr still gt one product f it I found out it was kinda cool…
wat hair alcohol or wat edi a??idk liao..hohoho..

Forget it..
Nowdays I was very very *gepoh*..XDD
I know a lot relationship issue…
I was so shock~
Duno wat happening around me..

So shock to know sooo many bad woman..
So many stupid guys work so hard 4 their wife and in behind..
Their wife had an affair behind them..
Woman ages 30-50++ tat kind are doin such shameful behavior..
U call urself as A-D-U-L-T-S??
I call u a W-H-O-R-E! OR B-I-T-C-H??
Oops..ami being rude??
Ugh-uhhhh..im not..^^
So wats up ?
Wat happen to the woman century??
I tot u cud be our idol..
Being a caring housewife..
OR maybe a succesful woman who leads..

But u are not..
Wat a crap when I know..

Some woman let other guys simply touch u since u edi got a husband..
What a shit u are..
Oh mayb not..
U are worse than shit..

Ok..im gonna stop is coz is not my issue and I happen to be sooooo CRAZY…hahahaa..
Mayb coz it happens to my relative..
And I cant stand tat woman..
She was absolutely soooooooooooooooooooo FAKE!!
I just cant stand fake ppl..
I hate’em!!

Ok im goin nuts..
Its 4am now and im tryin to write sooo much…
And my fren complain me at fb..
I say I go slp..
Then another 30mins later or one hour later I keep fb-ing..LOL..

Tats my freedom maa..tak boleh meh?

Forget it..
Time to say gudbye..^^ -log off-

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