o macha day!

hey ppl...
im back by updating my blog..
at last..
i now noe hw to post picture..
is me got problem..
at last semester break luu^^
but damm boring laa..
need to work but but but..
NO JOB!!!!.
tats why today hang out wit my boy~~
first v had  our brunch at Expresso soup..^^
ichiban!!! *thumbs up*

 *our food*
the best soup~~(clam chowder)+bites~~

macam sangat happy~

then v went to....
 pavilion de MOF..
drinkin macha shake..
and ribena for the "sick cat"...o.o

my *macha Shake*           

me^^ enjoying it..i love it!

*sick cat*

i look macam (sangat ugly)..LOL

and some interesting lod post...wakakakaka..

at pavilion also..
makan at subway!!
正正正! (triple tasty)

his one..
roast beef^^
i love his beef..ngek ngek!

tis is mine..o.o
forgot wat flavour..
macam is cheese n steak kot?

camwhore after finish eat><

photo taken by me^^
i know very nice~~

tis are my trademark!!
copyright ..
plz dun copy my pose..
got it?? ish ish..especially ian..hahaha..

and lastly..
show some artwork done by me^^
tis picha is..
my final painting..
not bad gua??

i suka ini..

end la end la..
my comic..draw by me..
damm nice..^^(im promoting it again..)LOL..hehe..

gotta stop now..
wan continue dating..BLEKKKKK...tata^^
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