special post 4 ian..^^

our trademarks~XDD

his bday cake

the bday boys..(ian,noel,nicholas)

me and ian!
ok..video fail to upload..
gotta cont for my workshop><
bye pp!


pretending a monster!

ytdy go damansara..
go Ikano and The Curve 4 the first time..
quite nice..
but hor..
all the stuff very expensive..
its very very very EXPENSIVE!!!!! damm!!!!!

so wasted all my money tat i had saved..TT
actually ytdy had wat art talk..
but me and my fren run away..
and go somewhr else cux its kinda BORING!!!!
so we went to tat *pet safari* and *toy R us*..
v play all the toys and everything weird~~
very lame duhh but funny><

 (posing wit my bestie SEALION)

wan mei in (iron man) mask..==lll



the girls~


tis pic she say she was walkin wit her dog..XDD

THE END..scary human..==
wish tat ian monkey a early bday wish sin..^^

THATS HIM!!!! i love u my bestfren^^ 
wish u all the best..
gotta see u tmrw at T.G.I FRIDAYS...^^


im one less lonely girl~

ya..i am one less lonely girl..


ntg special..
jux let d picha tell la..
im lazy+tired><
 picha taken today at (photography class)

my fave pic..
took at..(strawberry cafe)

queen and bryan^^
tis are the pic v took on the first day for our sem2 class~~

my fave Onion RIng>< is my LOVE!!

and arr..
second day i had my outing wit the girls^^
havin lunch at (sek Hou)

idk wat i drink edi..
not nice pun..

i love her fried rice><
but she say it taste so salty.. -.
at last can saw her face clearly at my bloggie..^^

she was pointing tat rice..saying.:tat rice is to left 4 my hub~~



camwhore wit them..

LOL~ guess which is mine??

oh yeah~
is the middle one^^

the end la~~

p/s:im i say im gonna create a fans page..
will u guys support me??
leave me a comment yar~~^^


back liao

sorry...currently i am sooooo busy..


sem 2 start liao..
plus i nid work somemore..
wont be too free to update my blog..
only free to update my status at fb..
i will be bck wit smtg fresh n hot next time..^^

^^ bye!
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