pretending a monster!

ytdy go damansara..
go Ikano and The Curve 4 the first time..
quite nice..
but hor..
all the stuff very expensive..
its very very very EXPENSIVE!!!!! damm!!!!!

so wasted all my money tat i had saved..TT
actually ytdy had wat art talk..
but me and my fren run away..
and go somewhr else cux its kinda BORING!!!!
so we went to tat *pet safari* and *toy R us*..
v play all the toys and everything weird~~
very lame duhh but funny><

 (posing wit my bestie SEALION)

wan mei in (iron man) mask..==lll



the girls~


tis pic she say she was walkin wit her dog..XDD

THE END..scary human..==
wish tat ian monkey a early bday wish sin..^^

THATS HIM!!!! i love u my bestfren^^ 
wish u all the best..
gotta see u tmrw at T.G.I FRIDAYS...^^

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