dinner beside the fish pond?

its a family day..
so so so long time dint eat together since last month i keep workin..

so..today  gotta be nice and cool...^^
it was at (hulu langat) actually..

somekind lik er...urm...village?
ya..it is.. =)
so thr is a small pond ..
shud be say as..
a restaurant is up ..
on tat fish pond..
i think...
on daylight thr will be open to let u go fishing~

and ya..u gotta pay..

lets get to da point~
thr are some scenery pic i had took..XDD
da  lake..i wonder does ppl reli live thr??

my fat bro..(sssssshhhhhhhhhhh)

u cant hide ur face..XDD hehe

aww..the fat me..=(

it looks lik tis when it gets dark

my mum

my bro..>< cute cute
 and eatin at thr reli expensive plus da food all cool der==
so dun eat at thr..
and tis are my short post..^^

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