my love..♥♥♥

its all about my ...
its goin to be our 4th month anniversary edi..(blushing)
its on 19th nov..
but too bad..
he wasn't free on tat day..
seems lik gotta re-celebrate.. =(
in here..

i wanna say..
i being with u all da time..

( ) u are thr 4 me when im in trouble

( ) u are always thr when im hungry

( ) u had been all along me whn im crying

( ) u been support me all the time

( ) u get me everythg i like..=)

( ) tell me whn i do smtg wrong

( ) and cheers me up when im feelin 'DOWN'

( ) tellin me alot of thg~

( ) bring me to the place i love..(awww~)

( ) make me laugh lik an idiot..

( ) protects me frm danger..(he a great BODYGUARD)

( ) i LOVE everythg he do 4 me..

thr are mountains of word that i cant finish to say..

but it will all treasured in my heart..^^

♥ ♥ i love you bii~~ (DASMEN HOH ) ♥ ♥


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