Christmas Eve babe~

Dunno why i feel so down ..
ytdy i became a cry baby..
dunno who shud i share..
thx to my babe APRIL for everything..
hear me crying on the phone again..=(
its embrassing tho.

but its feel better when it was her to
comfort me when i get so down..
i wanna post her pic ..
but then..
i find out that..
i less out with her..
and she dun like take pic..
im so gonna take lots of pic wit her this comin saturday..
we are celebrating christmas..
thx to Kices..=)
we are having BBQ party this year..YEAH...
thx Mr.sponsor.. =D

gotta had lots of fun and cherish the last few days of dec..
and bye bye 2010.. =)

2010 was so sucks to me tho..
dunno hw to explain..
jux sucks.. =)
and sooooooooooo...
i received
great christmas pressie and bday pressie..
although it haven pass..
cuz i receive them quite early..

first pressie is frm my baby boy
it was on my wish-list all da time..
i dunno wat does that call as..
but i name it..the-square-boxes-printed-tee..LOL
freaking long la the name i give..XDD
and a watch..
the one that i wanted so long time wan edi...=(
and he reli get me that..=)
thx baby.. thx alot..^^
the tee..=)

watch frm Fossil

the place that he lie me to go
that the place he trick me to go..
and then he surprise me wit da watch..=]
and a pressie frm someone..
i post out..
bcoz i wanna say tQ..
i hope u are reading this now..
plz be happy for me..
Merry Christmas to you..

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