Christmas Shopping!!!!!!!

christmas is comingggg..
did u get urself a gift or someone special around u??
i DID!!! yeah~
oh ya..
lets see..
Recently i bought a hand cream for my mum..
frm *The Face Shop*..

and whats more is...
i found it interesting cuz...

ITS him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wuahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....(screaming><)

im havin interest on their product la..
i love their mask actually..
thr are few product of them...><
such as..

The Herb type

The Fruity Type
The Nutri Type

And da Essential type^^
all also i try edi..
for my comment..
all also good..


and whats more..
oh ya..
taking bout another korean brand..
hehe.. *Etude house*..

my fave of all is da goodbye Dark circle eye patch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its reli amazing cuz it reli works on heavy 
panda eye likes ME..=(

soooo...u ppl reli neeeeeeeeeeeed it! =)

oh ya..
The point is..
i had an outing with my dearest weng sze today~~
it was fun and tiring...
start frm TS to SG.Wang then Farenheit then Pav..idk we cud walk sooo many place==
me accompany weng weng buy new high heels ..lol..
she says she hate buy heels...hahaha..

-gt some pic to show~-

 she was busy-ing calling her sis..
i look so dumb in dis pic== lol..
wearing my new spec..(without glasses..haha)

bought myself a new REd shoe..
and i almost bankrupt..
i mean MORE money..hahaha..

then had our dinner at *WongKok char chan teng*

-no pics cuz im too hungry and lazy-

last,bought our very own chatime...
its reli reli nice...
the choc+hazelnut flavour
really NICE><

ok..i gotta stop blogging now..
gotta sleep..
tmrw night go FULL HOUSE for my 
fren birthday party..


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