So that was her bufday? HUH?

its my bufday post anyway..0.0
dun get stun..
i duuno y i get so freaking lazy to update my bloggie><
shame on u girl!!
so wat shud i post??

this is soooo much..
im lazyyyyyyyyyyyy like a PIG

so i had a BBQ party near my hse..
and and and..
i had a surprise came out when i was ..
enjoying my fried chic wings..
with such ugly & horrified face..
and HE came out with.....

awwww.....thx dear!

why i look so ugly geh?? =[wonder why it was cupcakes instead of CAKE??
cuz he bought it before he off frm his work..
wanted to buy cakes but scared it will melt..
so he choosed CUPCAKES..
who say cupcakes aint interesting?? =D

and so im happy or maybe stunned for few seconds..
so thr lots of pics to share...
so ..... have a look...=]

 why so happy macam baru kahwin?

 love this..i smile so crazy~

 play chopping huh?? jk

 Eugene and his new-cooked-ham!

dear so funny in this pic><

so it was a happy day to pass thru until 3am..
haha~*sangat sot*
and thr are more pics..
but im lazy..
i think it had been very enough this time..=]

Thank you everyone for this party..
i love u all.. =]

p/s:why i look so fat???!!!!! F==

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