Twenty ten end end ~

So what's up?
craving for a whole new year huh?
shud i?
write some New Year's resolution ?
im not exciting bout that but im sure..
u must reli try ur best to make it come true..heehee


numbaa 1
makes myself even prettier and stylish than last year (2010)

numbaa 2
get better result for my academics!!! (i don't want a B- anymore!!)

numbaa 3
earn more and more money!!!

numbaa 4
BUY an iPhone!!!!! (im craving for dat...=[ )

numbaa 5
get to learn better the photoshop and illustrator...

numbaa 6
have my own digital camera!! (im reli making this true 4 this one! heeheeee)

numbaa 7
be a better daughtet & sister to my family..=]

numbaa 8
read more novels & improve my english to a higher standards...=D

numbaa 9
Blog more interesting post at here at my blog..^^

numbaa 10
Be loved more and more by YOU..♥♥♥

its simple but meaningful.. =]

happy new year to you all ~

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