Last Hour

Hey 2011,
u come and go so fast..
suddenly i feel like everything flash back into my mind.
I cant believe i wanted to end the last day of my 2011 just to blog.
Well i guess not everyone just wanna go out.
I'm not looking forward to my new coming year.
But doesn't mean i don't wanna let go my past and live forward.
Be strong la TSL!

Something happy or sad may do i guess.

# Had been crying for this passing half years like before sleep/once i'm awake/even when i'm bathing,
even on a bus and on a train? -__- wtf

# Having swollen eyes everyday when i go to college + work ?

# Had huge gastric and always faint due to my unhealthy DIET?!

# Had try to commit suicide once. (okay.i.know.i'm.freaking.stupid.at.least.i'm.still.alive.LOL)

# Had been a shopaholic for this while.

# Had been slacking for few months.

# Had cheated my ex a lot times. (woah what a great confession from me.)

# Had been in a relationship and its always ON and OFF.

# Had been having a very bad attitude this year. Always scold and shout.

okay now how bout some good one? hmm..

# Had been pretty polite to elders except to my grandmother.
  sigh.i regret that.

# Had started to treat my parents well. Surprise them with present lately.

# New friendship had gains. LOVE.EAT.GOSSIP. That is what i love~

# Never had been to a CLUB once -__- Good gua? really never been to once.omg omg.

# Kissed my dogs more than kissing my mum o__o oops~

# Had been keeping all the present i get from someone.
   I keep 'em save and clean ;)

# Er and i had really started to work harder on my last Semester? Cuz i did my assignment and pass
   them sharp on time ~ Yeah!!!

# I had Sushi almost 5 times in a month? :/

# I had slim down 4KG maybe? ;)

ok la..done with my crap..

Thinking bout all this, i realise i never had gain my resolution that i had make last year.
Maybe we really shud not plan big if u cant make ur dream comes true.
Except one thing,
I had my own camera at last :)

Resolution for 2012 !!!!

1)  Own a Smartphone !
2)  Lose my baby fat tummy !! Grrr... 정말 지방 !! >.<
3)  Maintain a long healthy hair.
5)  Travel to Thailand / a beach.
7)  Be even creative and more innovative than ever. wtf.
8)  Love my family more and more and more more more!!
9)   Gain more followers ! ;)

Done my blogging.Time to sleep.
Tmrw gotta go to work.
I hope fireworks wont wakes me up.
It's fun to watch fireworks.
But it doesnt sound brilliant to me if i'm gonna watch it alone.
I don't want to cry when i think about that someone anymore.
I'm tired.
I wanna create a better happier year for myself.


Last 19 years old face of mine :')

안녕 오래된 내 ~


He want that cake

Come and put your name on it
Ya name, betcha wanna put your name on it put ya name on it on my birthday cake ~

My birthday
Dontcha wana put your name on it~
Cool songs that suits my bday which falls on last 26th dec.
Will blog bout it more..

imma make you my b-tch 


Thousand years

I feel like i had been lovin you
for a thousand years.
Just that a soul that had been separated but our mind still connected.
okay maybe we are not.

Okay i say STOP being EMO u shyt head!
4 More days to my birthday..
The day of today from last year..
I guess now i'm still at the tower..
sobbing bout the present he surprise me..
getting my favourite watch..
a surprise christmas present...

all those smiles and warm hugs had gone..
and why i'm blogging this..
i really have no idea.
I guess i'm sad?
well, i have no regrets anymore.

Don't come back if you don't dare to love someone,
if u scare to fall.

Merry christmas.
I wish u happy.
i'm glad i can't hear you say u love me forever cuz,

#like a boss :)



Hi peeps !
It's tuu tue tue tuesday~~
Its was a red and black night yesterday.
Party dinner at ben's Pavilion for my friend Melia bday :)
The carbonara really is a blast!
Now i know why ppl get super addicted to it.
Here some pictures of us ~~~

Yeah! The bday girl :))
Hui yee ;) 
my dearest weng sze !

Amanda :))
and no group picture at the end cuz picture not at my hand .. LOL
*Highlight of the day : featherly earrings from Forever 21. 
Necklace Bought from an illustrator artist :)

Forget it,
and oh ya i super love those art bear out side pavilion.
Of cuz i ran to take picture with the Korea bear. :D
but i look fugly. So no posting out ! OMG = =
and there's my girls.

and so that's it.
later going to meet my girls at Sg.wang.
Anyone going? :)

Tata ` ` 


08/12 ★

Hi dearest readers,
Here i am so free in this holiday.
It's like a sin by passing my days with empty hands.
So then i decided to blog what i shop ytdy!
A new baby was born ♥ ♥
It was awesome :)
Lovin my new shoes from Forever 21 ~
It's great to buy stuff if u are a college students.
Just show ur ID and u get instanly 10% discount !!

Grey was super nice and their material was superrrrrrrrrrr soft
which make me drop out Converse and Vans from my shopping list ! :D

It's a must buy item during Christmas cuz they had year end sales.
Girls gonna luv it.

Plus i was attracted to this local brand tees,
yes it was the The Swagger Salon brand..haha.
so gonna grab it this week.
Stay tuned :)

*more followers plz
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



Dear december..
Pleaseeeeee make this month super awesome.
Make me smile and give me happy surprise.
And oh i shall control spending money .
Broke soon.

I'm totally a fat ugly gurl now.
I gained weight.
4KG....and i'm not happy bout it..
I want to slim down, go for a talent casting and take lots of
awesome pic's with friend before December end silently this year.
I guess my resolution that i did last year wasn't suceed again this year.

But nvm,
i'll plan it nicely again for next coming year :)

check out the new issue of Cut Out mag.
CUTOUT VOL 02 ISSUE 04 // The Fashion Illustration Issue

okayy~ Happy december ! Byee ;)



你還是要幸福 我才能確定我還得很清楚
確定自己再也不會佔據 你的篇幅
明天 開始 這一切都結束 。。

你還是要幸福 你千萬不要再招惹別人哭 


Teethhhhhh alert!!

Dinosaur teeth alert!!!
Gosh.This picture are like... .___.
happened two months ago and now i only blog about it..
i just suddenly have the mood to do this..
family is a good thing which keeps u happy all the time :)
So me and my family had one day trip to genting..
It was freakin cold by then..
i think it's freaking cold too by now.. i guess la..

So the kids wanna go to the theme park play..
and i was tagged along..
now i'm bored of theme park..
U have to queue everywhere!!! wtf!
Go toilet u queue !
Eat u queue !
Sit u queue !
drink u queue ! 
Sail boat u queue!
Buy potato also queue !!! Wtf..
I don't have much patience to wait actually..
I get angry easily if i have to queue this much..
I think u guys will surely feel th same.. = =

Let's have our pixies on show~
And be alert, it's my make up free day..
hope that everyone won't puke or ban my blog #forever when u saw my face :-DD

Oh here the #1 !!
Had MCD as lunch..
MY freakin double cheeseburger can cost up to

Then......Family picx and brotherssssssssss :-)

me me me me me : /

Bro 3 and bro 1 ..LOL!
Oh ya..
see what i gonna tell u pp here..
If u gonna play this boat thingy..
Help me say HI to this crocodile..
Tell him i miss the time i keep bump him with my boat!

Pic credit to bro 1!
*i look llike aunty : /

I was kidnapped by this evil clown to take picture = =
Lastly, random speed-running-hand-pic
snapped by me :-O

I know it's LAME!!



C to the L


I know i look retarded! Haha.. But i looks so funny .
Now i guess i wud still looking gud even if i gt big nose or heavy eyebrows!! hahahahaha wtf ! 
I just get back from my T shirt shooting ..
From afternoon class finish,
i need to rush to Wangsa maju for this..
The lens make my eye pain T______________T

But anyway, Its a great collaboration with Cut Out Mag  again! ;)
For more sneak peak..
stay tune to their next coming issue..
Click into their Facebook page for more info and also to see me inside it ! 
of cuz it wasn't this jail clothe pic i'm wearing..
There are 3 more pretty girls are featured in this shoot..
all wearing tees with graphic design on it..
But nt me..
cuz i'm special ma... *macam yes*
and had a great dinner at shabu 1 Lot 10 !
here the pixxx ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-die of over fullness ~ ~  

More sneak peak to be exposed by next coming post!
Goodnight !



HI october babes ;)
I'm so tired to blog..had photo shooting whole day for Ray mag.. 
Will update more very soon..
So, stay tuned .. 

Goodnight ~



Hello fridayy afternoon..
It had been a tiring day for me since ytdy.
I spend most of my time hanging out with my college mates and Sing k!!!
Yeshh and now i barely talk clearly ..
Gosh ..throat pain.. *bt nevermind la..mum make me barley drinks today :-p*

So that's my look's of the-yesterday *grins*
and..i did a lot camwhore ..wtf..

yeshhh and that's my vyqueen :)
after the singing session..
we had gone to Pavi for some Cha-time ..LOLX
and snowflakes ~   ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Pictures credits to Mr driver of the day .. *sry no pic of him*
He say he looks so fat on every pic i took.. oops XD

anyway it was fun and super enjoyable..
so what's the plan for tonight??
hm..i guess i shall grab one box of takoyaki tonight for myself..
woots woots!
next week will start busy.. and semester break is gonna end soon..-.-
Got part-time job to do and so on..
Well then,i shall blog again next time!

Bye bye boooooo~ (winks) 
*be my Followers ♥ 



Photogenic ♥

H-E-L-L-O !!

p/s; spot that kiddo entering the woman's toilet ..LOLL

It was a tiring day today..
spend my whole day with my buddies at Mid Valley..
become their photographer today..
took alot Epic failed photos and they make me laugh so hard..omg.
And they say they were meant to be so photogenic XDD

AND.......got nt much thing to update..
Just that i'm having sem break now~
Woooo hoooo~~~~~~

Today plan to watch the Smurf..
But all the seats had fully sold out...why monday also so FULL..
damm damm damm!
But nvm..
I had my wednesday and friday planned ! Woots!!
Must play and play and play before new Semester start!
ok lar..
gtg sleep ^^

Goodnight ♥ 

I super love this songs :)
Hope my readers love it too ~ XOXO


Love. Awesome face. live on

I love my awesome face..
I think i will live better without you.
had awesome lifestyle without you..
At last i'm really tired..
The rain i pours will never stop..
But now,
I will let go..

Thank you for once and forever.. 
Wish u happy.. 

Goodbye : )



It had been a long time i never had been so sad..
Crying infront of my laptop..
Thinking where had u gone when i need u?
All u did was scolding me away..
making me thousand of promises like the stars on the universe which i never ever could get one.

Im not desparate..
I'm just over dissapointed..
I hate you.. really really much :'(

can i just have a hug from u tonight :'((


Sept september

Dear randomness,
here i am again..
being such an Epic failure ..lol -..-

I'm so tired and exhausted..
Keep going out and out..
I'm so scare..scare can't finish my final..
i wish i can hire someone evil to force me do my works and finish quickly..


oh yaa tmrw going to Genting with family :))
it had been many years i dint go..
I think gt 7 or 8 years...
It's going to be fun and also confusing..
Half of my heart wanna relax but another half was fighting ..
arghhhhhhhh i hate my assignment!!!


gotta calm down myself..tmrw 8am wake up T________T
Goodnight peeps !


Cloud nine

Hey as i promised last week to update a new post about the pic i post out recently..
Its actually a makeover photoshoot last two months ago..
My very first time featured in a magazine..
It was Ray magazine.
A very popular magazine from japan and now its edi have Taiwan version and so on the english version
for both Malaysia and Singapore.

Okay,i stop bla bla bla -ing..
I just bought the magazine and i was very excited and both upset..
haha cuz i saw myself im happy but when i see clearly..
I feel so fat.. = =
shud have diet more and more!!!!

erm,sry dint scan the picture..

the mag ! Yes it's SNSD..i bet alot ppl love them..
and also freebies !! Only if u buy from Mynews.com
It's an eyeliner..

Picture's from past shooting..

The famous pretty Josheen ma and the me without make up..
Horrible me -..-

Cindy and me :))

and that's the end of the post ..
I'm glad i had this chance to be featured in Ray mag..
Hope's more new chances will be coming for me ;)

and yeah tmrw going to Sunway lagoon for a crazy blast !!
Stay tuned to my blog.

Leave me a comment if appreciate .

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