Random POST for yaaa```

So hey ppl...
how everything goin?
CNY is comin..
had urself ready everything?
i still haven get a new pair of shoe for myself..
maybe i get one after i collect my *Ang Pao*.. 
So i have a very random post over here today..
and i need more cash..
can u all do me a favour?
everytimes u girls and boys open my blog..
saw this tiny little word sign wrote as NUFFNANG??

yes! this is what i mention..
can u all had a click on them everytime u guys pass by to read my bloggie?
it wont harm u nor wan u to pay..
just every click of yours can increase my payment!
since i never had anyone click them for me..
so i never had the value increase.. -__-
so from now on.
just click on every it everytime and also click on those advertisement~ =]
and just by that u can make my life happier~~
Oh...taking bout happiness..
cant believe im craving for BB bold9780

imma luv it so much!
i did a super duper research bout it!

 click on picture to enlarge

Im comparing them with other model that im curious bout...(hmmm...)

so it comes out that i still love BBM 9780..
it seems like the best although the touch-screen one ppl might prefer that..
but so i like The-sense-of-touch very much..
thats y i dint choose to buy i-phone4..
especially it comee in handy..
im looking forward to its gadget..
THE camera!! hell yeahhh~
5.0MP eh dai lou~
not bad ma..
better than my current mobile..
2.0MP jiek..
(so sucks)

it also had GPS ,wi-fi, 3G network support and bla bla bla~
so check it out on this website Blackberry.com
and u can see more details..
im still thinkin bout cash...
dunno whether i can afford it or not..
cuz im thinking to buy SONY-W350D

or maybe others but..........
i love this one so much... T----T
i had love on first sight on it!!
well, TWO is BETTER than ONE...
save more money first..
so plz start to click on the nuffnang sign!

love ya~ XOXO


The cookie days!

Ohayo kuzaimas~~~~~~

how is ur day?
Im glad everyone is being very well lately..
i had been very busy last few days..
so there are some happy news i wanted to share and also sad news..
happy or sad news first??

-im closing this blog...T__T
(just kidding)
hmm..bout my big uncle just passed away..
feeling so sad..
summore it happens before CNY..
so BAD!!!!!!....
i only can say..
we will always rmbr u..


ok next..
whats gud??
i kena 4D a??

as everyone knows..
i had pass my P licence so freaking  good!!!
and i dont have car to drive.. -___-

oh second is...
i know how to bake cookies at last!!!
it so easy actually....T__T im stupid..

so its done by me and my friends.
First round done come out very good but second round..
it come out to be abit overburn..
so............*hangus* jor...XDD

okayy...whats next?
i bought a new Drawing Tablet..
 its Kanvus Light..
it looks like a mouse pad...XD
and i still haven instore it...
grrrrrr...im lazy la..
got 24image need to be draw..
why can i had a relax holiday..
my mum shud had throw me to Korea..
im lovin it~~

gtg..imhaving a HUGE-headache now><
i look ugly nowdays..
plz dun come over and meet me! XD
u might faint!



sry guys..

the curling_hair_post will got DELAY a bit..
(awwwwww.........=[ )

cuz had some prob..
plus no free to do it..
im having my licence test  this coming monday..
and im not feeling gud bout that..
so plz wish me luck.. =]
i hope i cud cheer up a bit..
dont know why im not feeling happy whole day..
why huh?
i really need someone to cheer me up..
can u do it?

showing u guys some photo-shooting picx
at college-studio.. 

Last..group photos..
why i look so fattttttttt...= =
anyway nice job girls..
and thr will be more picx coming..

STAY TUNED.. *winks*


i lup lup lup my bii..

Imma wanna post bout my bii....!!! ♥ 
Happy half year anniversary to us two..

lup u much much... =D

heehe..hope u love ur surprise..^^
and i had fun having u as my model today..


i guess my photography skills had improved..muahahahaha! (ki siau betul!)

so i gotta go sleep..
mum scold edi.. ='(



Mickey Mouse ♥

hi there..
its mickey mouse!
i love my leggings of that day.. 
its black roses.. 0.0

and my beloved brown bag!
but it was very bad day..
havin a bad weather and stupid traffic jam at KL..


imma gt smtg very stupid to share with u all..=D

is him...
i secretly took a snap of him when he didnt realise..
its stupid..
i didnt admire him..
just feels tat he look so Gayyyyyyyyyyyy... + his pink sneakers..
dont u all agree with me??0.0

wan mei say: he might cud be one of ur blog fans..

i say: nahh...if is...He WILL BE SO PROUD OF ME!!!!

wan mei: zzz = =

*and i planned to buy a pair of purple lens for myself before CNY..
does purple suits me??
leave me a comment k? ...

and next post im gonna post the way to curls ur own hair
in a very easy ways............
just using hairband! no electronic stuff needed! =)
cool huh?


Teardrops.. =(
i wonder my teardrops..
are they really worth dripping over my face,
my pillows just for u?
I never ask for anything else..
i keep thinkin..
what had i done..
i'll had be good..
so damm good..
and u talk to me in rude words for the very first time..
it brokes my heart..
but i hide it inside my heart..
i hold my tears..
i told myself to be strong..
but at last..
i shed my tears again..
im like a crying babies..
crying everyday..
every moring,afternoon,evening, and night..
someday i think..
i will be blind..
just because i cry to much..
i ask myself..
when will u be strong..
dont cry for him..
its a nonsense except he had died..
stupid girl...LOVE yourself please..
i dont wanna see my swollen eyes all the time..
like a pathetic lady..
mad like hell..



Happy Diary day's~

Hi hi~
what u guys been doin on this first valentine's day of the month??
i had a great fun hanging out with the babes.. =)
why today are called Diary Day?♥♥♥
get urself google-ed ... XD

Actually on this day, Lovers will give each
other a diary to record love affairs in the coming year,
to symbolize the lover will pass through the road hand in hand in the coming year,
and leaving more happy memories. but single girls,
in the beginning of new year, you can write down the declaration
and plan to the person you like in your diary,
sow the seeds of love in your heart.

so did u bought smtg for ur beloved yet??
well,its ok...
most important is next month...
get urself ready to surprise ur loved ones..
no matter u are gays,lesbian or even bisexual..
as long u are happy... =)

no ideas what to buy??
how bout big head teddies??
sweet and lovely!


CUTE right??
and tell me...who dont loves dooodolls??!!!
they were so cutesssssssssssssssss and im freaking love it..
i love cupido!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cupido can makes to people fall in love with a single beat of his red heart..
and cupipi,pinkie pirates,beary fish,and mr.nerdie..♥♥♥

wish that someone could buy me CUPIDO... heehe...
cuz i had hug cupido once...=D
i had post out before..
dunno where is da post edi..

ok...im done..
gotta sleep...

p/s: saw this grassy shaped rabbits.....


my blog were so dead... -__-

11.01.2011 wasn't a special date to me cuz is just
 a date...
cuz all i need is money!!!! $$


this sem..
i need to spend sooooooooooooo much cash my course..

especially the wacom..= RM 380 (wtf)
hardisk = RM 240++
monthly usage + at least + RM 150 (wth)

ALMOST RM 770++!!!! (f***)

i really need event job to pay this all..
i cant work part time everyday..

-no time
-it make me sick
-insomnia (=.=)

oh ya...if got anyone knows where can
 buy cheaper wacom or hardisk plz email me

My email click here >.<

goodnight... -.-


Helll-oooooo 08 Jan 2011~

Hi thr babes and dudes..
idk wanna start posting wad..
ytdy had BBQ wiht dear family at kuchai lama.. 
it makes me a fat girl...
im stuffed with lots of meats...-.-
whoaaaaa.... shyttt those fatty oils..
but im happy..
her younger sis had the same D.O.B with meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
but is according to the chinese calender... =)

sooooooooooooo...Whats NEXT...
today had a short trip to 1U..
with mr Kenny G..(ok its not kenny G..i just ADD the G word) =X
and mr Kices Lee..
goin thr just to search kices shoes at Pull & Bear shop..
and at last the shoe he want had SOLD OUT...-.- (kesian...)
then i went to S&J shop to search for some ideas...
and result...ntg special.. =(
cannot forget the place we go to eat..
v go in .........

why Dragon-i?
blame kices lee...= =
i almost bankrupt...its so expensive but v give ut a try since v haven eat before..

kices =)

me X)

 Mr kenny

 my drinks.. =D

this is a pau = = and the waitress poke a straw into it..
cuz to let kices sucks the soup inside it..LOL.. ( in nice ways to say: is to drink the soup..=X )

my vegetable wantan ramen..

Kenny food..i forgot wat name..
and no pics for kices foods uz is food came in last and im too hungry to care..
maybe next time...

p/s: okay..gtg go..
gotta chat with my hub ♥♥



Yeah yeah!!!!
guess what my blog readers??
i found another collection of my fave Rilakkuma!!
so freakin cool!
they were founded hiding at Isetan supermarket...
but horray...
found u and i keep da box and i eat whole packet of it..
im stingy soooooooooooo........ NO SHARING for u, u ,u and U!!!!

oh and some cute snackyyyyyy...
freakin cute...0.0

plus the new Adidas shoe drive me mad!!!
makes me so in love with them!!! GRrrrr!!!!

 RM350 per pair~~~
(the right leg wasnt wearing the shoe yar...0.0)

and i found this cute typography at google..
i present the *bread typography*
i wish i reli cud type using tis kind of typo!!!

will be bac wit smtg new next time..

the first pic is me!! XD
no face cuz i look ugly in that pic..
my new sweeter frm Forever 21~


Shorty post of-da-day~

ok its 2011 and im lazy to blog again...
new year new style..
havin my bloggie changed blogskin..
thx to melia...heehe..
link her...
she a great blogger too..=]
so i gt some random post to share and im nt goin
to write lotssssssssssssss of words...
cuz i wanna go sleep (macam yes)
and tmrw sem 3 start....TT 
i still wan my holiday~~~~~ grrrrrrrr!!!!

oh ya...
random post...
huge teddy i saw at TS..
cute and fat...hohoho~

belated bday pressie frm ian
(just ignore the blur pic...XD)

new bags for myself~ 

and im super duper love this all and..
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