The cookie days!

Ohayo kuzaimas~~~~~~

how is ur day?
Im glad everyone is being very well lately..
i had been very busy last few days..
so there are some happy news i wanted to share and also sad news..
happy or sad news first??

-im closing this blog...T__T
(just kidding)
hmm..bout my big uncle just passed away..
feeling so sad..
summore it happens before CNY..
so BAD!!!!!!....
i only can say..
we will always rmbr u..


ok next..
whats gud??
i kena 4D a??

as everyone knows..
i had pass my P licence so freaking  good!!!
and i dont have car to drive.. -___-

oh second is...
i know how to bake cookies at last!!!
it so easy actually....T__T im stupid..

so its done by me and my friends.
First round done come out very good but second round..
it come out to be abit overburn..
so............*hangus* jor...XDD

okayy...whats next?
i bought a new Drawing Tablet..
 its Kanvus Light..
it looks like a mouse pad...XD
and i still haven instore it...
grrrrrr...im lazy la..
got 24image need to be draw..
why can i had a relax holiday..
my mum shud had throw me to Korea..
im lovin it~~

gtg..imhaving a HUGE-headache now><
i look ugly nowdays..
plz dun come over and meet me! XD
u might faint!

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