Helll-oooooo 08 Jan 2011~

Hi thr babes and dudes..
idk wanna start posting wad..
ytdy had BBQ wiht dear family at kuchai lama.. 
it makes me a fat girl...
im stuffed with lots of meats...-.-
whoaaaaa.... shyttt those fatty oils..
but im happy..
her younger sis had the same D.O.B with meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
but is according to the chinese calender... =)

sooooooooooooo...Whats NEXT...
today had a short trip to 1U..
with mr Kenny G..(ok its not kenny G..i just ADD the G word) =X
and mr Kices Lee..
goin thr just to search kices shoes at Pull & Bear shop..
and at last the shoe he want had SOLD OUT...-.- (kesian...)
then i went to S&J shop to search for some ideas...
and result...ntg special.. =(
cannot forget the place we go to eat..
v go in .........

why Dragon-i?
blame kices lee...= =
i almost bankrupt...its so expensive but v give ut a try since v haven eat before..

kices =)

me X)

 Mr kenny

 my drinks.. =D

this is a pau = = and the waitress poke a straw into it..
cuz to let kices sucks the soup inside it..LOL.. ( in nice ways to say: is to drink the soup..=X )

my vegetable wantan ramen..

Kenny food..i forgot wat name..
and no pics for kices foods uz is food came in last and im too hungry to care..
maybe next time...

p/s: okay..gtg go..
gotta chat with my hub ♥♥

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