Random POST for yaaa```

So hey ppl...
how everything goin?
CNY is comin..
had urself ready everything?
i still haven get a new pair of shoe for myself..
maybe i get one after i collect my *Ang Pao*.. 
So i have a very random post over here today..
and i need more cash..
can u all do me a favour?
everytimes u girls and boys open my blog..
saw this tiny little word sign wrote as NUFFNANG??

yes! this is what i mention..
can u all had a click on them everytime u guys pass by to read my bloggie?
it wont harm u nor wan u to pay..
just every click of yours can increase my payment!
since i never had anyone click them for me..
so i never had the value increase.. -__-
so from now on.
just click on every it everytime and also click on those advertisement~ =]
and just by that u can make my life happier~~
Oh...taking bout happiness..
cant believe im craving for BB bold9780

imma luv it so much!
i did a super duper research bout it!

 click on picture to enlarge

Im comparing them with other model that im curious bout...(hmmm...)

so it comes out that i still love BBM 9780..
it seems like the best although the touch-screen one ppl might prefer that..
but so i like The-sense-of-touch very much..
thats y i dint choose to buy i-phone4..
especially it comee in handy..
im looking forward to its gadget..
THE camera!! hell yeahhh~
5.0MP eh dai lou~
not bad ma..
better than my current mobile..
2.0MP jiek..
(so sucks)

it also had GPS ,wi-fi, 3G network support and bla bla bla~
so check it out on this website Blackberry.com
and u can see more details..
im still thinkin bout cash...
dunno whether i can afford it or not..
cuz im thinking to buy SONY-W350D

or maybe others but..........
i love this one so much... T----T
i had love on first sight on it!!
well, TWO is BETTER than ONE...
save more money first..
so plz start to click on the nuffnang sign!

love ya~ XOXO

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