Shorty post of-da-day~

ok its 2011 and im lazy to blog again...
new year new style..
havin my bloggie changed blogskin..
thx to melia...heehe..
link her...
she a great blogger too..=]
so i gt some random post to share and im nt goin
to write lotssssssssssssss of words...
cuz i wanna go sleep (macam yes)
and tmrw sem 3 start....TT 
i still wan my holiday~~~~~ grrrrrrrr!!!!

oh ya...
random post...
huge teddy i saw at TS..
cute and fat...hohoho~

belated bday pressie frm ian
(just ignore the blur pic...XD)

new bags for myself~ 

and im super duper love this all and..

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