Teardrops.. =(
i wonder my teardrops..
are they really worth dripping over my face,
my pillows just for u?
I never ask for anything else..
i keep thinkin..
what had i done..
i'll had be good..
so damm good..
and u talk to me in rude words for the very first time..
it brokes my heart..
but i hide it inside my heart..
i hold my tears..
i told myself to be strong..
but at last..
i shed my tears again..
im like a crying babies..
crying everyday..
every moring,afternoon,evening, and night..
someday i think..
i will be blind..
just because i cry to much..
i ask myself..
when will u be strong..
dont cry for him..
its a nonsense except he had died..
stupid girl...LOVE yourself please..
i dont wanna see my swollen eyes all the time..
like a pathetic lady..
mad like hell..


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