I am Who I Am!

5 Facts about me.

1)Do not control me
2)Do not change who i am
3)Never ever drive me mad!
4)Dont treat me like a doll! i got feelings!
5)Never hangs up my call!

Im mad..crazily mad..
Plz ignore me..



Pheww.. :]

i thought my blog *kena HACKED*
cuz last night.
it went crazily and i cant sign in even if i had changed my password..
im learning to be polite..
recently,i keep saying vulgar words..
and it getting worst..
people cant believe im that rude and harsh cuz i had smiley facey and innocent looks..
*wink wink*
okay...forget it..

Guess what..
i thought i never ever had Feedbacks from readers since when i started to blogs..
i cant believe actually i receive comments too..
so sad,,
cuz all frm last year.... 
and now only i found out...gosh...
Im Sowriii... :[
Leave me comment at TagBoards kay?
i will check it out everyday..
cuz currently this blog background was kinda dificult to handle..
thinking to change another new one..
and puts lots of my Stuff~
walaa~ Brilliant idea..
ok im talking to myself again..
yesterday i watch lots of YouTube video by Ryan..
one of the most catching mind words that i learn was..

If people say Why are you so WEIRD?
Oh my god?
u so ugly and fat!
Go away..

well then,Just say Thank You..
cuz weird doesn't means u are not good..
U are simply Unique in Ur own way and u Rocks at ur own style..
thats what i am~


Oh ya..
My college are having a showcase at Sungai wang yesterday and mybe until next thursday..
try go and check it out..
I had tons of fun with my fren yesterday..
different art work drawings are printed on each T-shirt (hope i had mine printed but NO.. :[ )
i had a L size tee.. 
cuz those freking slim people all grab finish my Ssize..
not even a M sized are left..
crazy ppl..
there are tons of picx had been take..
and i look ugly..
so there are only a few picx that im goin to show..
if u saw my face..
thats the picx that only show that degree of my face looks okay.. -.-

*Im so Choosey*

Im short..= =
meet me again this saturday..
same place as i had told..

Super Freak Economics..

Okay fine..
hands off from ur keyboards..
gotta do my assignment..*sad*




Hi peeps..
IM wearing guys Tee again ..haaha..
guess im over boylish..
and wearing UTAR college tag..
(i took it away from my buddies)
muaahahahaha..and he dont know..
and went to petaling street..
bringing frens go there for a visit since they were from outstation..
and its sooooooo tiring but fun :)

if u all wanna get surprised~ ~
there's smtg big are invading Sungai wang tmrw by 10am..
wanna know?
Go there and check it out.. :)

*Fave Pic of the Day*

CHEESE TART BABE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GoodNight ~


Arts Market is LOVE!

I had been to the Crafty art market today ~
located at Jaya one..
someone shud to me earlier that is near IACT College..LOL..
cuz from the flyers..
it only writes The Bee,Jaya one..-.-
cuz i keep finding where is it..
wtf..since im a road idiot..(i mean it)

And.............i had lots of fun at there while keep sweating and sweating and take lots of pic..
Saw so many interesting craft and so many creative arts created by those sellers..
cool and cute and etc... X)

Fantastic colourful cute monkey!
Girls shud have bought this to their bf..
so their guy will rmbr to call their gf whenever they saw this Fantastic colourful cute monkey!
lol...name so long...XD

Tons of colourful tiles..
for decorations maybe?

 Imma love all the badges..
i did bought some too..XDD
(Short people ROCKS!!!)

Awesome illustration ~

This one i love their handmade product..
check out their blog..
i LOVE their handmade hairclips and their paper bags so much!!!!
Regret didnt ask for another paper bag...(damm greedy)

Guess what this??
its a necklace..
haaha..cute hor?

Arcylic painting on woods by

And YEAH! its me~~ la la la la la~

Fave Picture of the day 

Thx to Rei.. and she did a great model for my assignment..^^




Which one better??

now or my previous hair?

I had my hair dyed in Dark Mahogany Brown..
Using REVLON ..
Quite nice..
It leaves my hair with a better condition ~ ~
it looks like Black colour but u can see the 
brown colour under the sun..
Im lovin' it~
it looks so natural on me..
i dont wanna dye FrenchBeige nor MilkTea 
brown or golden hair...XD
i want a change..
to look simple and nice... *peace


Berry merry cherry!

Berry berry!!
merry the cherry!!!
im lame... 0.0

Did u ever get a berry juice get 
squeezed or sprayed on ur head?
absolutely no right?
But i did....0.0
i had Berry Juicy Shower!!!
im taking bout Liese Juicy Shower laa alamak...
what u been thinking??

I spray spray spray!

I found this up when my hand was itchy 
and im thinking what to buy..
Caught this product at Watsons~
(cuz i can earn more point with my member card!)
Thinking it might would be a great gift
for my super duper DRY hair..
and i bought it...XD
i love the scent of it..so berry-licious!
of cuz...dun go and lick laa although u 
still cant resist urself!
This product was pretty cool cuz its
actually a hair-hydrating mist~

cost only RM 28++
and the refill cost quite expensive..
so if u gonna buy..
use it wisely..
if u finish fast..
ur wallet burn fast~

and so bout the part two of cny...actually ntg 
special to talk bout cuz i forgot edi..
and all i want now are MORE MONEY to come..
i need money!!! *evil laugh*

let me....
show some random pic ~

 A new born baby lamb from a mental house i went to visit...0.0
I'll been thr for accompany family to donate stuff to the poor... =)

Fat cat ~

i shud have smack his butt when he didnt notice me...X)

Thats my dear~ peace-ing over here..
He told me not to tag him and i didnt do it..
but i post at my blog~~ XD

and so..
i watch a live show see-ing my fren pierce-ing her stomach><
i feel so pain just by watching it...><
But she says no pain at all..0.0

Dun pierce so many more if not i really kick you..0.0
i want go sleep..
tmrw going for a cool drawing class! wootss~~



Gong xi fa chai~
Gimme more ang pao!
i didnt blog much lately..
can i post longer todayyyyyy??
talkin bout cny..
i think mine might be a lil bit bored to be share over..
i'll talk bout it..
so...let's see..
err....i dont remember the date..

*run to see calendar*










so i went back to grand mother hse by 31th of jan (MONDAY)
arrived about evening..

conclusion= LAME


1st of feb~

-having a blast..
A great reunion dinner with family and relative..=]
Had 8 dishes..including the soup will be 9 dishes and plus
10 ppl on the table with 10 bowl of rice... 0.0
the table almost full until all da food are goin to fall to the ground!

*no picture cuz too hungry to cares bout picture! XD *

then the night were still young..
we all waiting the time pass..
waiting to see when it ticks by twelve..
its a bit like doin countdown but at least we didnt really go and count the numbers... 0.0
so what i like was actually seeing my uncle lights up the fire on the FIRECRACKERS!!!!
ooppsss...dun tell the cops to catch me!!

*well they got no proof! ne ni ne nie bu bu! *

so whats the chinese like to do i think is to see the long long long long long and long punya
fire crackers crack into small lil red papers~ see how it burns and enjoy closing their eye and shout
*HUATTTT ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* and etc...XD

oh ya...not to forget..
had u ever lights up those bigs lantern where u gotta write all kind of stuff on it before u lights up them and see it flows above the sky??
I DID IT!!!!
it was fun writing word on it with my blue highlight pen...*swt*
and write english on it..
since i dont really know how to write chinese and my uncle say the money god will know how to read english and i wrote english for mr GOD to read it!!! *I Think ke sibeh IN lorhhh*
and what i wrote ?
im nt goin to tell..................blekkkkkkkkkkkkkkk....XP

so we watch how high it flows up and seewho had its lantern flows the highest!!
My aunt say..
next year we are goin to buy each person a big lantern and light it up together and make it a competiton to see which lantern flow the highest...0.0


2nd of Feb....
First day of CNY actually quite silent..i think bcoz everyone gets busy with cooking and praying
and go toilet ,give ang pao and errr...etc~ XP
so we all gotta be a vegetarian whole day..
NO MEAT please~~ XD
at night..
get pulled by my mum
to watch those cny festival organised by those villagers..
cool but pretty bored..
cuz all also is old folks..
so it becomes TAK SYOK for miiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

so ppl dun reli know..
i get nuts at thr anyway..
get crazy hearing those cny songs...*cuz i reli hate it*
i dun like it cuz its not original..
like they how ppl re-sing that songs and put stupid remix and change the lyrics..
so i really really hate hearing it...
*grrr......okayy calm down*
so the best part was enjoying fireworks lights up by the head of the village..
i think thr is an accident happens..
a house almost get burned..
i dont know why but all my aunt call the head as 番薯村长 (the potato village leader)
so at the end..
i succesfully nag my mum to bring me back home..

3rd of Feb..
second day of CNY..
hello meats!!!
u know i eat like a fatty..
my mouth never stops eating and drinking ..
so u guys know..
i love cookies and i eat tons of them..
and i drank lots of those favoured drinks..
sugar cane is the best!

and lay on the sofa watch tv..
can u imagine how fat and lazy i am..
and true..
i think my weight had raisen up edi... =[

and received alot ang pao that day.and
thats how the day end slowly..

by 4th of feb..
the day im goin back to KL..
so i had been very good..
rushing one two three of my assignment..and be a very good girl just on one subject..
and im so going to be a DEAD MEAT!

alright then..
to be continue...XP

Part 2 ..( coming soon)
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