Arts Market is LOVE!

I had been to the Crafty art market today ~
located at Jaya one..
someone shud to me earlier that is near IACT College..LOL..
cuz from the flyers..
it only writes The Bee,Jaya one..-.-
cuz i keep finding where is it..
wtf..since im a road idiot..(i mean it)

And.............i had lots of fun at there while keep sweating and sweating and take lots of pic..
Saw so many interesting craft and so many creative arts created by those sellers..
cool and cute and etc... X)

Fantastic colourful cute monkey!
Girls shud have bought this to their bf..
so their guy will rmbr to call their gf whenever they saw this Fantastic colourful cute monkey!
lol...name so long...XD

Tons of colourful tiles..
for decorations maybe?

 Imma love all the badges..
i did bought some too..XDD
(Short people ROCKS!!!)

Awesome illustration ~

This one i love their handmade product..
check out their blog..
i LOVE their handmade hairclips and their paper bags so much!!!!
Regret didnt ask for another paper bag...(damm greedy)

Guess what this??
its a necklace..
haaha..cute hor?

Arcylic painting on woods by

And YEAH! its me~~ la la la la la~

Fave Picture of the day 

Thx to Rei.. and she did a great model for my assignment..^^


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