Berry merry cherry!

Berry berry!!
merry the cherry!!!
im lame... 0.0

Did u ever get a berry juice get 
squeezed or sprayed on ur head?
absolutely no right?
But i did....0.0
i had Berry Juicy Shower!!!
im taking bout Liese Juicy Shower laa alamak...
what u been thinking??

I spray spray spray!

I found this up when my hand was itchy 
and im thinking what to buy..
Caught this product at Watsons~
(cuz i can earn more point with my member card!)
Thinking it might would be a great gift
for my super duper DRY hair..
and i bought it...XD
i love the scent of it..so berry-licious!
of cuz...dun go and lick laa although u 
still cant resist urself!
This product was pretty cool cuz its
actually a hair-hydrating mist~

cost only RM 28++
and the refill cost quite expensive..
so if u gonna buy..
use it wisely..
if u finish fast..
ur wallet burn fast~

and so bout the part two of cny...actually ntg 
special to talk bout cuz i forgot edi..
and all i want now are MORE MONEY to come..
i need money!!! *evil laugh*

let me....
show some random pic ~

 A new born baby lamb from a mental house i went to visit...0.0
I'll been thr for accompany family to donate stuff to the poor... =)

Fat cat ~

i shud have smack his butt when he didnt notice me...X)

Thats my dear~ peace-ing over here..
He told me not to tag him and i didnt do it..
but i post at my blog~~ XD

and so..
i watch a live show see-ing my fren pierce-ing her stomach><
i feel so pain just by watching it...><
But she says no pain at all..0.0

Dun pierce so many more if not i really kick you..0.0
i want go sleep..
tmrw going for a cool drawing class! wootss~~

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