Pheww.. :]

i thought my blog *kena HACKED*
cuz last night.
it went crazily and i cant sign in even if i had changed my password..
im learning to be polite..
recently,i keep saying vulgar words..
and it getting worst..
people cant believe im that rude and harsh cuz i had smiley facey and innocent looks..
*wink wink*
okay...forget it..

Guess what..
i thought i never ever had Feedbacks from readers since when i started to blogs..
i cant believe actually i receive comments too..
so sad,,
cuz all frm last year.... 
and now only i found out...gosh...
Im Sowriii... :[
Leave me comment at TagBoards kay?
i will check it out everyday..
cuz currently this blog background was kinda dificult to handle..
thinking to change another new one..
and puts lots of my Stuff~
walaa~ Brilliant idea..
ok im talking to myself again..
yesterday i watch lots of YouTube video by Ryan..
one of the most catching mind words that i learn was..

If people say Why are you so WEIRD?
Oh my god?
u so ugly and fat!
Go away..

well then,Just say Thank You..
cuz weird doesn't means u are not good..
U are simply Unique in Ur own way and u Rocks at ur own style..
thats what i am~


Oh ya..
My college are having a showcase at Sungai wang yesterday and mybe until next thursday..
try go and check it out..
I had tons of fun with my fren yesterday..
different art work drawings are printed on each T-shirt (hope i had mine printed but NO.. :[ )
i had a L size tee.. 
cuz those freking slim people all grab finish my Ssize..
not even a M sized are left..
crazy ppl..
there are tons of picx had been take..
and i look ugly..
so there are only a few picx that im goin to show..
if u saw my face..
thats the picx that only show that degree of my face looks okay.. -.-

*Im so Choosey*

Im short..= =
meet me again this saturday..
same place as i had told..

Super Freak Economics..

Okay fine..
hands off from ur keyboards..
gotta do my assignment..*sad*


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