Wakatsuki chinatsu is my ♥ !

Wakatsuki chinatsu !!!!!!!! Thats her! 

I had been crazy over her since february..
i dunno where i spot her..
Im just so attracted to her!!!
she makes me go crazy over her style,
her make up,and even her own store !!!! W

im in LOVE with all her design which i reli wanna get
myself one of her new 
Spring/Summer 2011

i want i want!!!!!!!!
but its freaking expensive -.-

*This one wud cost me... :(
(8,900 yen) for da Tweed jacket
(5,900 yen) for da Dot shirtswith ribbon
(1,900 yen) for da Ribbon Headband..... T__T

LOVE this Sailor knit :( (5,900yen)

 all of them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

can i keep spamming her picxxx??
sure i can! its my blog! muahahahahahahahah! 

I will let my hair grow longer and had the same hair style like her!
isnt that greattttttttttttttttttttttt? 

And she is pulling sale a T-shirt which features her topless .. o.o
Its a charity she is doing to help BUILD a school in India..

She added that the T-shirts will sell for 2,000 yen each, and that if she can sell 3,000 of them, that will be enough to build a school. The T-shirts will be on sale on Jan 31 and Feb 1 in Tokyo

isnt she's cool??
i love her... :)

Love her mickey mouse shoes!

okayy..Done spamming & crazy-ing..

gotta shoo back to my painting ...-.-

Bye!   *winks*



Hey there! Did anyone join the Graphic Go Green event ytdy?
i had fun at thr..
but guess what?
i arrive late again for my 12pm shift..
and all my girls are waiting for me..
i ran to change my group tees!
we actually did paint it urself..
so damm cool!
and we did our own handmade flyers!
Did u get one too??
i LOVE it..
but ppl seems nt very like it and they dun wanna accept it when we gave them..
sad case rite? :(
damm hurting..

ohh yaa.
congratz to my classmates..had won the second & third  for the eco bag competition..
group pic is a must!

can guess which one is me?
er,....no then... -.-

we all keep standing on one crafty stall..
bcoz that guy reli so cute..
whats more girls will like him?
cute + can do handmade craft.. LOL
well,he had gf... teehee..
his bad..he didt give us discount..
so i ANTI him...jk..X)
(lots of crap! -.- )

i bought an earings for my babe vyqueen which was her bday today!

Happy bday to u! 
i love u always! 

 Love u always by Rex & me :]

Did some silly drawings for her..

and next!
Playing exchange shoe... o.o

stupid dohhh~
next !

show show show me what u got~
i saw my drawing pasted on the board..
i didnt won but its great seeing it around thr..
and thg around the event..

lots of cute cats stuff 

 caricature drawings by my team mates YAP!
Darn prettyyyy!

 our green factory..
and items for sale ytdy..
not much were sold anyway..

ohh!!! last but not least..
love this necklace that i bought for myself at there..
so darnnnnnnn cute!!
and also our group flyers..

okay la..
i think im done..
its like very lame...XD

and i get pretty dizzy again right now..


emo girl

i was trying to be emo all day long..
had a big fight with my boyfie..
stupid rite?
and im telling out..
breakup aint a big deal..oo..

all i need was trust and love..

thx to my fren these few days..
too much commit suicide issue..
and they ask how am i all day long..
and send me tons of videos and songs to cheer me up..
well,i did reli watch alot..
and i had headache..
sit infront of the lappie too much..

i get sick too..heartsick..
cheer me up plz ..... T^T

well,gotta stop blogging sad stuff..
if not everyone ran away and hates me... :(

in another few hour later..

a big event are coming..
are u coming?
i will be there..

Event to be held at:

The Weld Shopping Mall Centre
76,Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur.


be sure to come and i'll tell u whats that..
its a creative project done by me and my college mates..
its going to be fun!

visit our our blog for more information! 



HI Cookie's is back!

Hey readers and my fren!
Cookie's is back~~ happy for me?
i had been ill for almost 4days..
damm sicko..
High fever....wulala..
cough,cold.throat pain..
and i just ate some fries stuff...X( *shhhhhh*
i just cant resist..it taste so good...

back to the topic..
did anyone miss me?
i online less when im sick..
and i slept really alot..
like 22hour a day!
hahaa.. just kidding..

i guess its about 14-16 hours a day?
cuz i just cant move much..
and i didnt see doctor...heehe..
well,i guess im ok now...
just a bit dizzy and yet im blogging and i dun have
 much voice but im still shouting around saying that,

*Hey my voice is Bac!@#$^&*()(*&^%#$^&*()....*..

so lets pray for my health..
no i mean..

so lets pray for Japan :( 

feel deep sad for those who had lost their homes and their loved ones..

We as Malaysian..
really shud be proud..
cuz we at least had HOT like Hell weather and maybe
RAIN non-stop until it flooded the whole area 
until ur home wet,ur stocking wet,ur panty wet,
 and ur assignment are wet as well!
then sure GG.com... @@

well then,be glad and love our own country more..'
glad that our country dun have tsunami,earth quake,volcano..

Yet,we shud recyle more,care more our 
environment and love each other... 

oh ya..
rmbr to vote for me ..
currently i join a lens competition again.. X)
Vote for me kayy?

Click a Like on this page

Click a like on my photo!
yes! plz vote for me.. :]

and thr u will see my pic!
*just vote for me*


well i guess i gotta go sleep again.. 
im such a pig..
heehe..bye bye boo 

*going to reveal out my new cookie monster 
book that i got from a bookstore recently..
Love it! ♥ ♥ 


No complains!

at last i finished my CGD (Computer Graphic Design ) assignment..
and here's the flow again..
haven't done my Digital illustration..
well,i guess i shall update my blog abit..

well..last night i watch already * I am Number Four *

Luv the lead actor! >.<
freaking nice !!!! ♥ 
im so into the movie..
guess what? i even scream a second inside the movie..
Damm embrassing like shytttt... -.-
oh and also Number 6..
she;s pretty cool!!
Fire proof..haaaha..

im craving for their session 2 !! 
erm..maybe the next movie 

cuz can see Alex Pettyfer inside the movie... woots 
so..i gotta go continue my assigment..
if it comes out well..
i will post out..

Bye~ ;]


U are Brighter than the stars

Hi marchiii~
its march..
and i didnt update my blog regularly...
Thx for staying tuned all the time..
and there are more new visitors lately..
thx for posting some comments..
At least i feels like i really exist and ppl really came by to spend their time reading my blog..
too bad..
this blogskin have no Followers button..
but save my link..
and come back to visit my blog again next time k??
its midnight now..
and i dunno i feel so energetic..
i shud feel much more depressed..
cuz i haven finish my assignmnet..
yes....is assignment again..
did i just complain too much?
sry~~ =X
so the Flash Mob event had end..
gotta miss those happy times..
having fun and eat and laugh at everywhere..
time pass so fast.. =]
Can u recognize my chubby face?? =]

Rex , me , Queenie, yvonne~

Queenie,kitty, & me

Starring mr.Froggy from Sakae Sushi~

Mervyn & axl

 Starring Yoro..
i guess ppl will know him if u got watch Battleground before... ;]

Oh yaa... and starring Namewee !! woots~
the student get so lucky meet him ... =]


Howard ~

Rex & me

so...thats the end..
hello memories..
another file are saved inside my brain...

Goodnight ;]

p/s: and for ppl that ask bout my blog background..
u can actually download from Blogskin.com
and i did the same too... ;]
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