Hey there! Did anyone join the Graphic Go Green event ytdy?
i had fun at thr..
but guess what?
i arrive late again for my 12pm shift..
and all my girls are waiting for me..
i ran to change my group tees!
we actually did paint it urself..
so damm cool!
and we did our own handmade flyers!
Did u get one too??
i LOVE it..
but ppl seems nt very like it and they dun wanna accept it when we gave them..
sad case rite? :(
damm hurting..

ohh yaa.
congratz to my classmates..had won the second & third  for the eco bag competition..
group pic is a must!

can guess which one is me?
er,....no then... -.-

we all keep standing on one crafty stall..
bcoz that guy reli so cute..
whats more girls will like him?
cute + can do handmade craft.. LOL
well,he had gf... teehee..
his bad..he didt give us discount..
so i ANTI him...jk..X)
(lots of crap! -.- )

i bought an earings for my babe vyqueen which was her bday today!

Happy bday to u! 
i love u always! 

 Love u always by Rex & me :]

Did some silly drawings for her..

and next!
Playing exchange shoe... o.o

stupid dohhh~
next !

show show show me what u got~
i saw my drawing pasted on the board..
i didnt won but its great seeing it around thr..
and thg around the event..

lots of cute cats stuff 

 caricature drawings by my team mates YAP!
Darn prettyyyy!

 our green factory..
and items for sale ytdy..
not much were sold anyway..

ohh!!! last but not least..
love this necklace that i bought for myself at there..
so darnnnnnnn cute!!
and also our group flyers..

okay la..
i think im done..
its like very lame...XD

and i get pretty dizzy again right now..

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