emo girl

i was trying to be emo all day long..
had a big fight with my boyfie..
stupid rite?
and im telling out..
breakup aint a big deal..oo..

all i need was trust and love..

thx to my fren these few days..
too much commit suicide issue..
and they ask how am i all day long..
and send me tons of videos and songs to cheer me up..
well,i did reli watch alot..
and i had headache..
sit infront of the lappie too much..

i get sick too..heartsick..
cheer me up plz ..... T^T

well,gotta stop blogging sad stuff..
if not everyone ran away and hates me... :(

in another few hour later..

a big event are coming..
are u coming?
i will be there..

Event to be held at:

The Weld Shopping Mall Centre
76,Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur.


be sure to come and i'll tell u whats that..
its a creative project done by me and my college mates..
its going to be fun!

visit our our blog for more information! 


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