HI Cookie's is back!

Hey readers and my fren!
Cookie's is back~~ happy for me?
i had been ill for almost 4days..
damm sicko..
High fever....wulala..
cough,cold.throat pain..
and i just ate some fries stuff...X( *shhhhhh*
i just cant resist..it taste so good...

back to the topic..
did anyone miss me?
i online less when im sick..
and i slept really alot..
like 22hour a day!
hahaa.. just kidding..

i guess its about 14-16 hours a day?
cuz i just cant move much..
and i didnt see doctor...heehe..
well,i guess im ok now...
just a bit dizzy and yet im blogging and i dun have
 much voice but im still shouting around saying that,

*Hey my voice is Bac!@#$^&*()(*&^%#$^&*()....*..

so lets pray for my health..
no i mean..

so lets pray for Japan :( 

feel deep sad for those who had lost their homes and their loved ones..

We as Malaysian..
really shud be proud..
cuz we at least had HOT like Hell weather and maybe
RAIN non-stop until it flooded the whole area 
until ur home wet,ur stocking wet,ur panty wet,
 and ur assignment are wet as well!
then sure GG.com... @@

well then,be glad and love our own country more..'
glad that our country dun have tsunami,earth quake,volcano..

Yet,we shud recyle more,care more our 
environment and love each other... 

oh ya..
rmbr to vote for me ..
currently i join a lens competition again.. X)
Vote for me kayy?

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Click a like on my photo!
yes! plz vote for me.. :]

and thr u will see my pic!
*just vote for me*


well i guess i gotta go sleep again.. 
im such a pig..
heehe..bye bye boo 

*going to reveal out my new cookie monster 
book that i got from a bookstore recently..
Love it! ♥ ♥ 

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