No complains!

at last i finished my CGD (Computer Graphic Design ) assignment..
and here's the flow again..
haven't done my Digital illustration..
well,i guess i shall update my blog abit..

well..last night i watch already * I am Number Four *

Luv the lead actor! >.<
freaking nice !!!! ♥ 
im so into the movie..
guess what? i even scream a second inside the movie..
Damm embrassing like shytttt... -.-
oh and also Number 6..
she;s pretty cool!!
Fire proof..haaaha..

im craving for their session 2 !! 
erm..maybe the next movie 

cuz can see Alex Pettyfer inside the movie... woots 
so..i gotta go continue my assigment..
if it comes out well..
i will post out..

Bye~ ;]

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