U are Brighter than the stars

Hi marchiii~
its march..
and i didnt update my blog regularly...
Thx for staying tuned all the time..
and there are more new visitors lately..
thx for posting some comments..
At least i feels like i really exist and ppl really came by to spend their time reading my blog..
too bad..
this blogskin have no Followers button..
but save my link..
and come back to visit my blog again next time k??
its midnight now..
and i dunno i feel so energetic..
i shud feel much more depressed..
cuz i haven finish my assignmnet..
yes....is assignment again..
did i just complain too much?
sry~~ =X
so the Flash Mob event had end..
gotta miss those happy times..
having fun and eat and laugh at everywhere..
time pass so fast.. =]
Can u recognize my chubby face?? =]

Rex , me , Queenie, yvonne~

Queenie,kitty, & me

Starring mr.Froggy from Sakae Sushi~

Mervyn & axl

 Starring Yoro..
i guess ppl will know him if u got watch Battleground before... ;]

Oh yaa... and starring Namewee !! woots~
the student get so lucky meet him ... =]


Howard ~

Rex & me

so...thats the end..
hello memories..
another file are saved inside my brain...

Goodnight ;]

p/s: and for ppl that ask bout my blog background..
u can actually download from Blogskin.com
and i did the same too... ;]

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