Wakatsuki chinatsu is my ♥ !

Wakatsuki chinatsu !!!!!!!! Thats her! 

I had been crazy over her since february..
i dunno where i spot her..
Im just so attracted to her!!!
she makes me go crazy over her style,
her make up,and even her own store !!!! W

im in LOVE with all her design which i reli wanna get
myself one of her new 
Spring/Summer 2011

i want i want!!!!!!!!
but its freaking expensive -.-

*This one wud cost me... :(
(8,900 yen) for da Tweed jacket
(5,900 yen) for da Dot shirtswith ribbon
(1,900 yen) for da Ribbon Headband..... T__T

LOVE this Sailor knit :( (5,900yen)

 all of them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

can i keep spamming her picxxx??
sure i can! its my blog! muahahahahahahahah! 

I will let my hair grow longer and had the same hair style like her!
isnt that greattttttttttttttttttttttt? 

And she is pulling sale a T-shirt which features her topless .. o.o
Its a charity she is doing to help BUILD a school in India..

She added that the T-shirts will sell for 2,000 yen each, and that if she can sell 3,000 of them, that will be enough to build a school. The T-shirts will be on sale on Jan 31 and Feb 1 in Tokyo

isnt she's cool??
i love her... :)

Love her mickey mouse shoes!

okayy..Done spamming & crazy-ing..

gotta shoo back to my painting ...-.-

Bye!   *winks*

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