So what the hell happened to my Blog ??
i dint update it for years..
full with spider web.. -.-
I get mad few weeks ago..
i cant upload pictures at here..
so i decided not to post and get busy with my assignment..
so its study week and assesment week are here by next week..
when im think bout it..
im busy and have to rush all the leftover...haiz...
and most important..
i have to wear skirt... T^T
its going to be a disaster!!!

And whats hot bout my life lately?...
er..oh ya..two big trees fall down infront of my college today..
it went down fall on a blue VIOS..
*so i secretly note down the car number.. =X
going to buy lottery and seem will i won...muahahhahahahaha!*

and its happen to be a heavy rain today afternoon..
the wind scares my ass off..
they sounds like crying woman voice from thosse horror movie..
from now on..
i dont really dare to stay back at college after class..
Lights went off suddenly and so many bad thg happened..

i will never stayback at college from now on..
its like a curse... *macam yes

well,and currently im on CUTOUT mag teaser ads! weeeee....
but i look so fluffy..
but in true life..

im not that chubby laaaaahhhhhh!!!!! grrr...
hate that i look so fattttt!!! -.-

continue my crap..
Make up done done my fren..
for some Secret Thingy~~ *shhhhh
I look soooooo Freaking cool rite?? :]

oh btw..if u need make up artist..do contact me..
*Kutzuki553@gmail.com :]

see my nails! So pink and so not me..
i guess i had pretty nice hand..
i cud be a hand model btw..

oh and im done talking bout this..
so maybe i shud post out some leftover pics that i mean to show it last time..
-.- OMG..
ok..and here they are..

It just one of the day i hang out with fren and thats the end~
Goodnight! =X

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