Foolish April !

Hell yeah~
Did u fool ur frens or ur lovers today?
I did.. XD *naughty me*

i had wear my lens until my eyes gone red and damm hurt todayy..
so...i'll make it a short post...
cuz im going to sleep..

erm..currently im trying to look like an Ulzzang..*perasaan giler
trying to be more korean as usual..
i wanna be as pretty like hwae ji!

I love her!
& i will be more crazy as usual and will get extreme busy this month.. :(
Having final project,rushing my assignment,and Assessment..= =

awww...i really need some rest..
i dont have enuff sleep and zits are popping,panda eyes were larger and larger,
skin gettin dryer & dryer,and im getting fatter and fatter ,skin are getting darker and .... im getting old..
its so disgusting..
i dont want anyone to see my ugly fugly looks..

see my looks todayy..

-playing with nerd glasses.. :(

-new hairband bought at KLCC today at Chamelon..
luv this.. :)

p/s: plz ignore my ugly picx..
i lazy to edit .. X(

and so..im done..
gotta sleep like a pig..

Song of-da-day!

4minute-heart to heart :)


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