Macha macha!

Hello humans..
sry that i had neglected my blog..
i dun have time to update..
My sem 4 had started at last..
Had my first class started.. E-publ..
bout website thingy..
it kinda boring at 1st..
lots of teory..
but im looking forward to this!!!!!!
aza aza hwaiting!!
will update more...
Very soon..
thus showing..

Princess mimi lens by GEO

Green available-10.00 degree

Grey only selling 0 degree

Chocolate from 0-10.00 degree

this are the lens im goona sell..
so if i received many order i will sell..

so plz email to Kutzuki553@gmail.com if interested.
price are RM50 include postage :]


picture of the not recent me..

gotta off..


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