Im not a wimpy kid !

Im so addicted into this book i just bought yesterday..
DIARY of a Wimpy Kid - The last straw :)
Guess wad? I bought this second hand book for just RM5 !! Super duper cheap right?
By this i had saved lots of money to buy a brand new one since ,
after i finish read it,,
they can go back to sleep inside my cupboard already! XDD muahahahaha..
what a great owner i am.. *perasaan~

Actually im a non-ficton books reader !
ah-ha! i collect tons of them and maybe millions of them if im as rich as a millionaire!
i will make my own library and puts lots of books into it!
kayy..i know...i shall just dream about it rite?

Talkin bout dreaming..
appearing on CUTOUT magazine was a new thing in my life recently..
or maybe i should say..
its one month ago? Opps :X
im too lazy to blog thats why.. 

check this out!

kayy.. (ignore my lousy stupid look ) XD

now..focus on what im going to introduce u guys..

Best design mag in Malaysia..
The most popular and Best-selling Graphic design mag!
This one are the May issue 2011 vol.02 issue 02

Did anyone just say...
what so special about this mag or this issue?
Probably the answer is me!
cuz got me inside it!
*just kidding -,-

Preview Page

Julie Watai & Linda li

Starring me and my fren Yiva as Teaser Ad..
i look so weird inside the picture.. -.-

From left, Yiva , Vivian Toh ( CUTOUT mag editor) & Me !!

This mag is a must grab item!

Pre-order your CUTOUT VOL 02 Issue 02 now!


* Special offer for 1-year subscription only RM50! + RM8 Shipping fee.

* RM15 for single purchase.

they were having lots of unstoptable competition out from their Facebook page !
For more information,
click here

New issue are coming out next week !
CUTOUT issue 06 Special Edition!
2 special version with 2 different mixture of papers.
RM20 each!
Only open for 200 super lucky fast buyers!
So what are u waiting for?
Grab it now ! 


I am the BEST ! ♥

Meet Pretty ~
She's cute and Fluffy ~
Small and white.. 

Light problem XD
i look so dark .. 

I cant wait to go to the beach lately..
Stay tuned for my next post.. 

Let's GET HIGH with 2NE1 new songs !
*I am the BEST!! *

안녕히 주무세요 !!


Kiss me ♥ 14th June

Its Kiss me day 
ah-haha.. :p

Happy valentine's Day ♥ 

kiss your love one to show that how much do you love him/her.  Do not be curious that if you see many people kissing each other in this day, because it’s KISS DAY.



So...the retarted girl (me) are back..
i dump my blog ..haha..
im an alien..haha...i less communicate..
*or maybe im the alien that less talking? XDD

im lazy to update..
anyone miss my blog?
i love my blog reader..
I dun tend to be famous..
i just love ppl readings my crap..
tons of crappy word ..
and i was so so so emotional these few days..
Until all my frenz keep complaining..
im sry ..
i will less posting EMO status edi :D

i try to be strong..
i make myself busier and busier..
i hang out with buddies..
i do sorts of stupid thg..but im still a crying baby :[
any videos that can cheer me up?

Leave me a Comment :)

so i will be catch up more thgs to share soon..
Hopefully i can fly to Singapore very soon..
gotta leave Malaysia :)

enjoy this mv..
I heart 2NE1 <333

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